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The release of mining devices discovered in Iran was banned

The Deputy Attorney General has announced that the release of the discovered equipment is illegal until the bill on electricity for digital currency extraction centers is approved.

According to digital currency and to Quoted From Fars News Agency, the Deputy Attorney General announced:

The release of unauthorized detection equipment of the cryptocurrency was banned in the parliament until the passage of the bill related to the method of electricity of authorized cryptocurrencies and dealing with unauthorized centers.

Saeed Omrani, Judicial Deputy Attorney General for Combating Trafficking and Organized Crime, addressed the Public and Revolutionary Prosecutors throughout the country:

According to the order of the Attorney General, “Any release of unauthorized cryptocurrency mining equipment that is discovered or confiscated by surveillance devices or will be seized in the future until the approval of the bill related to how to supply electricity to authorized cryptocurrency centers and dealing with unauthorized centers in the parliament.” “Islamic” is prohibited.

The release of mining devices discovered in Iran was banned

According to Fars, Mohammad Reza Poorabrahimi, the head of the parliament’s economic commission, had previously announced the formation of a working group to investigate the issue of currency cryptocurrencies, and legal decisions are to be made in this regard. In addition, the Governor of the Central Bank announced that the national currency code will be produced soon.


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