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The price of Token View hit a record high after announcing its entry into the NFT

The price of WAVES tokens reached a record high after the company announced that it was entering the field of non-recurring tokens (NFT) and combining it with yield farming.

to the the report Cryptocurrency, data from CoinGecko analysis platform shows that the price of Token View today (Sunday, April 22) suddenly increased by about 50% and reached its highest price in history, $ 20.82.

The sudden jump in prices was accompanied by “abnormal buying activity” alerts sent by several digital currency tracking robots. The robots’ data show that traders today bought at least $ 33 million worth of views in just 15 minutes. This figure represents more than 10% of the daily trading volume of View.

The price of Token View broke a historic record after announcing its entry into the NFT
The upward trend in the price of the view token and the breaking of the historical record of the price of this token

It is worth noting that this price increase coincided with the introduction of a new project in the View ecosystem called “Duck Hunters”.

Duck hunters are a combination of NFT tokens and profit cultivation, both of which are probably the “hottest” trends in the digital currency world these days.

The developers of the View platform have said:

Duck Hunters is a game mechanic that combines NFT collectibles and profit cultivation and has been developed for active participants in the View ecosystem.

According to the View announcement, members of this ecosystem (holders of View tokens) can receive EGG tokens by performing various assigned tasks. These tokens can eventually be exchanged for a digital “duck” presented as a unique token.

Waves reminded:

Any user who has collected enough EGG tokens can exchange them with NFT ducks. Users can raise a rare species by collecting and breeding ducks, which will most likely be purchased by Weiss on a weekly basis.

In addition, an airdrop of EGG tokens to active ecosystem members is scheduled for April. In this airdrop, all current viewfinder holders automatically receive at least some EGG tokens.

The plan also includes rewards for people who support View on social media. The implication of this plan, in simple language, is that the developers are counting on making the users a hot topic on social networks by liking, republishing and commenting on the campaign.

View announcement added:

The purpose of this game mechanic is to strengthen the motivation of ecosystem enthusiasts (viewers) by offering rewards in the form of non-unique tokens. Also, the purpose of using the redemption scheme is to arouse interest among collectors (to collect more EGG tokens and digital ducks).

It seems that the View program has taken effect so far to take advantage of the madness of unparalleled tokens.


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