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The price of the Central Token (MANA) token set a new historical record

After the announcement of the establishment of a recreation center in the Netherlands by Atari, the price of the Dincentland Token (MANA) jumped sharply and broke its historical record.

to the the report The Coin Telegraph, the value of the DS Centralland Token (MANA), rose 31 percent on March 9. The price increase was followed by rumors that Atari had set up a gaming console within the Decentralland virtual platform.

The partnership between Atari and Central Games will lead to the launch of a resort in Central Australia. This news was announced on March 8. It is worth mentioning that Atari recreation center will be opened in May. The resort is expected to feature features based on Atari classic games. You can use MANA tokens, StableQueen (DAI) tokens, DG tokens from Central Games or ATRI tokens to play at the resort.

Decentral Games is a community-based ecosystem within Decentralland run by its users with the help of a decentralized DG DAO. 88% of the distributed profit goes directly to DG DAO.

Descentralland is a virtual territory built on the Ethereum and includes 90,000 plots of land, each measuring 16 square meters. Users can create a wide range of applications and structures such as games, markets and stores to sell digital and physical products on the Decentralland platform.

Atari Resort is located on 20 virtual plots of land in the Decentraland’s Vegas City Resorts section. Atari has been a pioneer of classic video games since 1970. Although the resort focuses mainly on odds-based games, at least one Atari offer will be based on player skill.

In the 24 hours since the announcement, the value of these tokens has increased in double digits and reached new historical heights.

The Densetland-owned MANA token rose 31 percent in a single day, from $ 0.447051 to $ 0.587266. The MANA token, which crossed its historical peak in 2018 in February, broke its previous peak again with the price increase on Tuesday.

The DG Token owned by Central Games reached a new high on Tuesday after a 21% uptrend that pushed the price of the token from $ 233.51 to $ 289.69. It is worth mentioning that DG token transactions have been started in exchange offices since December 2020.

Meanwhile, the value of the ATRI Token of Atari Company experienced an 85% price jump and reached 0.36976 from 0.8999, recording a new historical peak and from its previous historical peak, which started trading in November 2020. Was registered, passed. At the time of writing, the ATRI token price has retreated to the $ 0.272 price range and has stopped growing by 36% in the last 24 hours.

The opening of the Atari resort is expected to be officially announced with a ceremony. Users have the chance to win various prizes including proverbial tokens and a share of DG and ATRI tokens.


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