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The price of Bitcoin reached $ 50,000

The price of Bitcoin, which was accompanied by a rapid and relatively sharp decline yesterday, was able to set a new record a few hours ago, reaching nearly $ 50,000.

to the the report At around 11:30 a.m. Tehran time, Bitcoin Desk hit a record $ 49,950 and is now trading in the $ 48,850 range. The digital currency grew 2.4 percent in the last day.

The price of Bitcoin fell below $ 45,926 on Monday in the early hours of Asian trading, down $ 3,000. This decline led to the liquidation of many contracts in derivative markets.

Although the price drop did not last long, a rise above $ 50,000 has so far remained unattainable. According to Patrick Heusser, head of business at Crypto Finance AG, a Swiss-based company, Bitcoin now needs the help of instant market buyers to climb above $ 50,000.

Husser said in an interview

Activists in derivatives markets have gone to great lengths and now look tired.

He added that if instant buyers continue to stand aside, the price of Bitcoin will stabilize between $ 44,000 and $ 50,000.

The recent rise in the price of this digital currency to over $ 40,000 has been mainly due to the levers used in derivative platforms. But as reported yesterday, the volume of instant markets in exchanges such as Coinbase Pro has declined. These platforms are the destination of many institutional investors and large market individuals.

It is worth noting that, as Ki-Young Ju, CEO of CryptoQuant, a Blockchain analyst, said, the key base index continues to show negative values.

This index measures the difference between the dollar price of Bitcoin in Coin Base Pro and its price based on USDT in Bainance Exchange. The negativity of this index indicates a weakness in the flow of institutional capital.


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