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The price of bitcoin also crossed $ 34,000; Absolute market dominance

The price of Bitcoin once again broke its historic high and reached more than $ 34,000. This is the second time in the last few weeks that the price of bitcoin has reached a record high.

According to YouTube, so far in 2021, the price of bitcoin has increased by 17%. The interesting thing is that the US stock market is not open yet! Last year, the price of bitcoin jumped 304 percent.

Market data show that the price of Bitcoin was above $ 30,000 in several attempts before peaking at $ 34,000.

Bitcoin dominates the market
Bitcoin dominates the market

Bitcoin dominance in the digital currency market has also reached 72%. This is the highest bitcoin dominance since July 2017 until today. Bitcoin was priced at $ 2,400 at the time.

The jump in the price of bitcoin came at a time when the coin market could not keep pace with this digital currency. Bitcoin currently has the best performance among market currencies. Lightcoin, which is known as one of the digital currencies with a high correlation to bitcoin, has risen 12%. Ethereum prices have also risen 8%.


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