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The possibility of paying with Bitcoin was added to Twitter

Twitter made it possible for iOS users to pay and transfer bitcoins late last week. This feature is expected to be added to the Android version of the Twitter app soon.

to the Report The Verge, Twitter, becomes the first major social network to support digital currency-based payments by adding bitcoin payments. Twitter also intends to allow users to attach their digital currency wallet to their account and verify their ownership of NFT tokens with a special mark on the tweets.

Twitter has been testing the Bitcoin payment feature for several months, but it was not widely available until last Thursday. Bitcoin payments have been launched for iOS-based devices and are expected to be added to Android devices soon. In addition to Bitcoin, Twitter allows its users to connect nine traditional payment systems, including Venmo and Cash App, to their account. Twitter does not interfere in transaction processing and only provides a way to more easily access payment systems.

Bitcoin payments on Twitter are made through the Strike platform. Strike is a bitcoin wallet that operates on the Lightning network. Lightning is designed to allow users to access faster and cheaper bitcoin transactions. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had previously invested in Lightning Network Development Company. He is one of the most loyal supporters of Bitcoin, who said last June, before Twitter backed Bitcoin payments, that “it is only a matter of time.”

The Strike app provides services in El Salvador and all US states except New York and Hawaii. Twitter users can add their Bitcoin addresses to their Twitter page in addition to their Strike username. In this way, users can copy the address of their desired wallet by using the payment options section on Twitter and use it to transfer bitcoins.

Twitter sends notifications to people who have received a bitcoin strike so that they can be notified of the transaction quickly and can send a thank you message or emoji to the sender. Esther Crawford, one of Twitter executives, said on Thursday that Bitcoin has made trading possible for people living in areas with dysfunctional banking systems, and that it can be said that “Bitcoin is one of the best solutions. “Has provided.”

Twitter apps for the social network’s payment systems are not limited to Bitcoin. The company has announced that it intends to support the system of authentication of unique tokens by adding the possibility of connecting digital currency wallets to user accounts.

A Twitter spokesman said:

Confirmation of ownership of non-recurring tokens is displayed as a badge in the user profile and indicates that [آن شخص] The owner of this token is unique.

Unparalleled tokens have provided a new way to buy and trade digital artwork in the Ethereum blockchain, which is why they have recently become so popular. A few months ago, the official Twitter account announced that the company was going to launch a platform called Rarible, which is a market for unique tokens.


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