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The popular YouTuber tweet boosted Ethereum prices

Following the rise in Ethereum prices in recent days, a YouTube celebrity with the username “KSI” tweeted the word “Ethereum” to his 6.5 million followers. According to experts, his tweet strengthened Ethereum. The full name of this YouTuber is “Olajide Olayinka Williams ‘JJ’ Olatunji”.

To Report NewsBeauty, the popular YouTuber, has more than 6.5 million followers on Twitter, and wrote in a short tweet after the rise in Ethereum prices:


After the word was published, tens of thousands of people liked it and thousands of people published their comments under the KSI post. Some of these comments were humorous about Ethereum, while others were intended to provide KSI‌ with information about Ethereum.

This seems to be the first time KSI has commented on Ethereum. A simple Google search reveals that he has never said anything about digital currencies.

It is not yet clear whether KSI‌ itself has invested in Ethereum or is just seeking the attention it is paying to the digital currency market these days. He can be considered the last famous person who has commented on this in the upward situation of the market.

Logic, the famous rapper, announced last year that it has invested in Bitcoin. If he has not sold his bitcoins yet, his capital has probably increased by 150%. Logic has not yet commented on this.

Market experts and analysts believe that the price of Bitcoin is likely to increase in the coming months. This in some way justifies KSI’s focus on this digital currency.

A digital asset trader released the chart below, stating that Ethereum has little resistance to cross the $ 1,400; This means that Ethereum, like Bitcoin, can enter the price discovery phase by crossing its price peak. This phase begins when an asset enters parts of the chart that were not there before.


Ethereum’s main resistance is said to be in the $ 1,350 range.


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