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The personal information of users of the network was leaked

Recent reports indicate that 17 GB of users’ personal information has been leaked on the Internet, which originates from the mobile software of the network.

to the the report Coin Telegraph, a Vietnamese media outlet, reported Monday that Pi Network, Pi’s mobile digital currency mining software, may be linked to a 17GB leak of users’ personal information in cyberspace.

According to the person who published this treasure trove of personal information on Thursday in a popular hacker community called RaidForums, this information was apparently stolen from the customer identification policies (authentication) section of the network software.

The personal information of about 10,000 Vietnamese citizens, including their ID card, address of silence, telephone number and e-mail address, has been put up for sale. The seller has set a price of $ 9,000 for this information, which can be paid in Bitcoin or Litecoin.

Phien Vo, director of the Vietnamese Pie Network Forum, told Vietnamese media outlet VnExpress that customer authentication information on Pie Network is done by a third-party company.

Wu added that Vietnamese ID cards, such as those found in leaked information, were not compatible with the software, but acknowledged that the older version of the network pie had been compatible with the IDs for some time.

Wu said:

Vietnamese users must use their passport to check KYC at the bottom of the network. Only some users who used the previous versions of Pie could obtain a driver’s license, but the system has not yet accepted Vietnamese ID cards.

Following the release of this personal information, the Cyber ​​Security Department of the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam has started an investigation in this regard.

Cem Dimegani, a technology entrepreneur and founder of AIMultiple, a technology analysis website, recently conducted an independent study on the perceptual value of network pie.

In a study written several weeks before the recent data leak, he concluded that the network has the characteristics of a multilevel marketing plan or an affiliate marketing program.

According to reports, Pie Network requires users to log in every day and click a button to receive their Pie coins. No Blockchain consensus algorithms such as proof of work or proof of stock are used in this software and users can increase their extraction rate by introducing other people. Pie tokens are not yet traded in any of the exchanges and have no dollar value.

Reports indicate that the software sells its data for advertising revenue from the moment it is used. Due to the fact that the advertising space with personal information of users has a higher price, it is speculated that the software is designed only to extract the personal information of its users.

The Coin Telegraph website contacted a network spokesman to explain. Justin Wu, a member of the Network Pie Marketing and Growth team, also stressed that the network Pie Software authentication is done by a third party company and no Vietnamese ID cards are stored on the Network Pie servers.

Wu said that no internal evidence of leakage had been found in the internal network investigation, adding that the network referral program, like other software in the digital currency space, was intended only to encourage family and friends to participate in the software.


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