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The parliament’s economic commission is pursuing a “comprehensive plan” for digital currencies

Dr. Ali Jedi, Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Industries and Mines, in a recent interview on the parliament’s plans to organize and monitor the cryptocurrency market, said that due to the large presence of people in the cryptocurrency market, the issue of cryptocurrencies is not clear to the government. It is worrying, but the parliament’s economic commission is following a plan for the cryptocurrencies.

According to digital currency and to Quoted He mentioned Shinta, the representative of Shirvan people in the Islamic Consultative Assembly:

The groups in charge of this area consider their presence in this market to be risky, and if the government does not monitor legal issues and legal guarantees, this area will become more worrying for the people, and people may suffer losses.

This senior member of the Parliamentary Committee on Industries and Mines, reviewing what happened to the people in the stock market and many people suffered losses, said:

The cryptocurrency market is more worrying than the stock market, and the government must enter as soon as possible to organize and monitor this market.

Jedi pointed out in the end:

What we have seen so far is that, unfortunately, the government does not follow up on issues related to the cryptocurrency market, so the parliament has entered this market and we are waiting for the finalization of the plan to be taken to court.


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