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The Parliamentary Legal and Judicial Commission addresses the issue of digital currency extraction

In a recent interview, Seyed Kazem Delkhosh, spokesman for the Islamic Consultative Assembly’s Legal and Judicial Commission, noted the benefits of using digital currencies in economic activities, noting that the commission is entering the field of digital currency extraction.

According to digital currency and to Quoted From ISNA, Seyed Kazeme Delkhosh, the spokesman of the Legal and Judicial Commission of the parliament, while explaining the strengths and weaknesses of using cryptocurrencies in the country’s economic exchanges, said:

Due to the legal aspects of the Ramzarz constituency, we requested that this issue be sent to the Parliament’s Legal and Judicial Commission for consideration.

Seyed Kazem Delkhosh in his recent conversation about the entry of the parliament into the issue of currency exchange in the country said:

I believe that using the cryptocurrency capacity in the country can be good and we can operate in different economic sectors by using this field like other countries, but this field has risks that we must pay attention to, Central Bank control, Ministry of Industry , Mining and trade, institutions and regulatory bodies must be such that we can make good use of this currency code.

The spokesman of the Parliament’s Legal and Judicial Commission stated:

Last summer, we saw that the improper use and extraction of cryptocurrencies created problems for people in the field of power outages. .

Delighted added:

The Economic Commission is not fully aware of the field of cryptocurrency, this issue is currently in the hands of a research group.


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