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The NYM project will be launched soon

In response to phenomena such as the sale of user data and Internet theft, Nym Technologies is building a privacy network that, according to the development team, can change the way people use the Internet. With the release of the white paper of this project, we can expect to see its full launch soon.

to the the report “Cryptopotito, Chelsea Manning, a well-known technology expert and whistleblower, says:

Because network traffic analysis methods have improved dramatically over the past decade, I have repeatedly called for research (especially in 2016) on alternative Tor network methods to disclose data using such network analytics. Be prevented. Nym is one of the efficient networks that is worth researching and developing.

Nim came into being in 2017 (2017) and was the first privacy-focused project funded by Binance Labs in 2018. Other well-known investors then invested $ 2.5 million in it. The current plan is now widely available to the public halfway through extensive reviews by technology experts such as Chelsea Manning, academics such as Carmela Troncoso and venture capital firms such as Polychain Capital.

“Carmella Truncas says:

I spent a lot of time working on improving anonymous hybrid communication systems. It’s exciting to see how the half team, made up of skilled software engineers and privacy experts, has made the Mixnet design a reality.

The NYM project will be launched soon

According to the developers, the semi-infrastructure network is public, decentralized and based on encouragement and reward. This network provides the privacy of many applications and services (including blockchain). A major component of the half is the mixant that protects the metadata of the packets to which it is sent. In terms of privacy, this mix performs better than tours and private virtual networks.

Metadata is data that describes the details of another data; In other words, metadata is data about other data. Metadata includes users’ IP addresses, geolocation, information about who spoke to whom, when, and how many times. All of this metadata can be monetized or used without the users’ knowledge. This information can now be semi-protected.

The developers of the project claimed that anyone could join the Nim network by running a node and receive half tokens as a reward for securing the network’s privacy. Nodes take useful steps to make packages anonymous for users and services.

Half-tokens can be considered anonymous credentials that allow users to confidentially prove the “right to use” the service in a decentralized and verifiable manner. This allows users to maintain their privacy at the network and application layer level. Cosmos and the European Commission have endorsed the use of semi-anonymous credentials.

Third-party applications and services that integrate their systems with the network can protect their users from malicious agents and extend their privacy from applications in the field of digital currencies (wallets and DIFA projects) to messaging applications and IoT devices. Give. Literally, the network protects half of any data transmission over the Internet that could lead to metadata leakage.

Nim is currently running an incentive pilot network with a ceiling of 1,500 nodes on the Liquid network; But this limitation is increased in the original version due to the high demand of people who want to join the network and test its features.

Throughout human history, the issue of privacy has been considered a great asset and a prerequisite for freedom. However, since privacy is not embedded in the heart of the Internet, power is now in the hands of a few big players. Nim is trying to change that and give users the power to decide under what conditions and how they want to disclose their data. For more information about the technical specifications of the Nim project, read its white paper or join the Nim Telegram channel.


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