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The number of bitcoin nodes reached the highest figure in history

With the recent update of the Bitcoin Core software and the increase in distrust of safeguard wallet services, many Bitcoin market participants are thinking of launching their own nodes. This has led to the largest number of network nodes in history.

To Report Coin Telegraph, the number of Bitcoin nodes is now at its historic peak, and as data shows, there are currently 11,558 active nodes available. Coin.Dance, another Bitcoin network data tracking platform, also estimated the total number of Bitcoin nodes at 11,613, up 11,250 from its previous all-time high last year. Has found.

On January 14, 2021 (December 25), the Bitcoin Core software update was released for public download, and this is currently the fourth most widely used version of Bitcoin Core among the nineties.

Currently, 619 nodes use this version, which is approximately equal to 5.5% of the total nodes that are using different versions of Bitcoin software. About 5,000 nodes still use the penultimate version of Bitcoin Core, 0.20.1, which is still the most popular version.

The latest version of Bitcoin Core software introduces a way to build more predictable test networks and also implements the rules of the Taproot consensus without activating them on the main network.

These changes ultimately enhance the confidentiality of transactions; This is because the Taproot solution ensures that the terms of spending are no longer published as they were in previous versions. In addition, removing distinctive features from transactions helps Bitcoin become a more interchangeable asset; This is exactly what Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, used to call bitcoin as “digital cash.”

It is estimated that up to 25% of all current bitcoin nodes use the Tor مخ network; This requires updating the compatibility of Bitcoin Core version 0.21.0 to use the secret services of the third version of the tour; Because the secret service of version two will be obsolete by the end of this year. Running and launching a Bitcoin client using the network adds a layer of privacy to the user by erasing the IP address of the connecting IP.

According to Satoshi Nakamoto, the existence of independent nodes is essential to the success of the Bitcoin network, as the fundamental value of Bitcoin depends on its ability to remain decentralized. Setting up a node is also a secure way to store bitcoins. This approach is taken by those holders (hoodlers) who are increasingly concerned about trust services.

Blind Bitcoin, formerly known as Bitcoin QT, is a software client developed by Wladimir J. van der Laan based on a reference code written by Satoshi. This version is the most popular implementation of the Bitcoin protocol, and 98.5% of all nodes run one of the software versions of Bitcoin Blind.

The rise of Bitcoin nodes is closely linked to the increase in the number of nodes and channels of the Lightning Network, which are also recording their historic ceilings.


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