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The number of Bitcoin ATMs in the United States has increased by 177% in one year

New statistics show that since March 1, 2020, bitcoin ATMs in the United States have increased by more than 177 percent. During this time, about 10,000 Bitcoin ATMs have been launched worldwide.

to the the report Coin ATM Radar data Since March of last year, 9,683 new ATMs have been installed and launched. There are currently 16,835 active Bitcoin ATMs in the world, which represents a jump of 57.5%. Between 2019 and 2020, about 7,100 Bitcoin ATMs were launched worldwide.

Data released in November 2020 show that the number of Bitcoin ATMs has increased by 80% in one year. The majority of these devices (81%) are installed in the United States; This means that out of 16,835 devices, 13,699 are in the United States.

In the United States, the number of Bitcoin ATMs has grown from 4,945 to 13,699 since March 1, 2020, an increase of 177 percent. Canada ranks second in terms of the number of Bitcoin ATMs. Currently, 1,268 devices are installed and active in this country. This number has grown by 7.5 percent over the past year.

The number of Bitcoin ATMs in Austria and the United Kingdom, however, has been declining. The data show that there were about 266 active Bitcoin ATMs in Austria in 2019, a number that has now dropped by 42.5% to 153 machines.

According to UK statistics, there were 283 Bitcoin ATMs in the country in February, down 30 percent from the latest figures to 199. In Europe, Bitcoin ATMs have risen from 1,233 to 1,273 since March 2020.

According to Coin Itam Reader statistics, 34.6 new Bitcoin ATMs are installed every day. 77.6% of these devices only support digital currency purchases. On the other hand, 22.4% support both sales and purchasing operations.

After the United States, Canada and Europe, Hong Kong with 85 units, Russia with 53 units and Colombia with 46 units are in the next ranks.


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