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The Norwegian giant invests in Bitcoin

Norwegian company Aker ASA has announced that it will invest in Bitcoin and the Blockchain ecosystem through one of its subsidiaries. The company plans to convert 58 million of its investable liquidity into bitcoin.

to the the report Cryptonews, Acker Isaiah, an industrial investment firm, said it is investing in bitcoin and the Blockchain ecosystem through one of its subsidiaries, Seetee. City has just been launched with an initial capital of SEK 500 million ($ 58 million).

The company has also said it will keep all of its investable cash assets in bitcoin.

In a 23-page letter to shareholders, Acker CEO Kjell Inge Røkke said:

In Bitcoin, we will be Huddler. Given the disproportionate profit characteristics of Bitcoin, it may not be our responsibility not to devote part of our capital to Bitcoin.

Roke also points out that while the possibility of bitcoin “zeroing in” is not ruled out, at the same time the digital currency may become “the core of a new monetary architecture”; He believes that in this case, a bitcoin can have millions of dollars of currency.

According to the company, City will initially focus on the following:

  • Bitcoin investing and holding
  • Join the Bitcoin and Blockchain community and partner with leading activists in the field
  • Launching bitcoin mining operations
  • Creating and investing in innovative projects and companies in the Bitcoin and Blockchain ecosystem

City is currently partnering with Canadian-based large Bitcoin company Blockstream. The primary focus of this collaboration will be bitcoin mining operations and side chain projects. City City currently operates Bitcoin open source payment servers.

کرyvind Eriksen, CEO and CEO of Acker, spoke about Bitcoin and the Blockchain

[آن‌ها] They have the potential to reduce differences in everyday life, increase the security of the digital economy, and provide new business models for innovation.

According to Roque, the company intends to significantly increase Citi سرمایه 500 million in initial capital over time by gaining experience and identifying exciting opportunities.

Rooke emphasized:

Although Bitcoin is often criticized for its power consumption, scalability, and anonymous illegal payments, the company believes that Bitcoin can be a solution in any of these cases, not a problem.

For example, the company said it was setting up extraction centers to turn wind, solar or hydroelectric power into economic assets that could be used anywhere without creating sustainable local demand.

Rocket added:

In our opinion, Bitcoin is a balancing economic battery and a battery for the necessary energy transformation to achieve the goals of the agreement. [آب‌وهوایی] Paris is essential.

Regarding investing in the bitcoin ecosystem, he said he has a special interest in micropayments. He added:

How micropayments [بیت کوین] It allows us to not need usernames, passwords, and to use personal data with knowledge and consent, often without them, to earn money. [هم] I am interested.

After forty years in business, I have learned that I must always look outside to see new opportunities and developments in the future.

Acker is an industrial investment company operating in the oil and gas, renewable energy and green technologies, marine assets, marine biotechnology and industrial software. The company is also directly and indirectly the largest shareholder in nine companies listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

The turnover of Acker and the companies with which it is a major investor in 2019 was more than 83 billion Norwegian kroner ($ 9.7 billion). These companies have a total workforce of about 37,000 people.


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