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The .NFT domain was purchased for $ 84,000

Jehan Chu, co-founder of Connect Capital, paid about $ 84,000 for an NFT‌-extension domain. He believes that the possibilities of NFT domains are infinite.

To Report Coin Telegraph, Ceyhan Cho, co-founder of Kenetic Capital, a digital currency company, has acquired the seemingly unlimited ability to issue NFT subdomains on the Handshake blockchain. Kentik Capital is headquartered in Hong Kong.

According to Kentik, Ceyhan Chu is an NFT domain extension. Has bought it for $ 84,000, which is equivalent to 680,000 NHS tokens. This purchase was made through Namebase. This digital currency investor apparently owns more than 1,300 geometric domains. He says that he has decided to buy these domains, seeing the growing interest in peer-to-peer (NFT) tokens in the digital currency ecosystem.

Ceyhan Cho has said in this regard:

I believe that NFT is the missing link between online and offline objects and will transform not only art, but also business, finance, society and culture. An uncensored NFT domain on the blockchain is a valuable asset and platform for the future of art and intellectual property.

Ryan Ramirez, the previous owner of the NFT domain extension. Prior to the sale, he told Ceyhan Cho that he had bought the domain at the time of its release for $ 480, or 4,096 HNS tokens. According to Ramirez, the acquisition will allow Ceyhan Cho to create unlimited subdomains using the NFT extension. Create a geometric shape on the china block.

Ceyhan Cho also said:

The possibilities of the NFT domain are endless. From decentralized NFT galleries to creating subdomains using NFT brands such as art.nft and crypto.nft that are available for rent or sale.

The geometric proposal is not the only example of decentralized domain extensions in the Blockchain space. In 2019, Unstoppable Domains, backed by Tim Draper, allowed users to create domains with crypto extensions. Register on the Ethereum Blockchain. The geometrical protocol provides a similar service and an alternative to traditional com, .org extensions. And net. it counts. This protocol allows users to own their own domain name through a decentralized system.

Ceyhan Chu, one of the founders of the Hong Kong Bitcoin Association and an active figure in the field of digital currencies, had previously predicted that a bullish market awaited Bitcoin. In May 2019, he predicted that the price of bitcoin by the end of the year [۲۰۱۹] Up to $ 30,000. He made the prediction based on the acceptance of digital currencies by companies such as Facebook, JPMorgan Chase, Rakuten and Fidelity.

It is now clear that his prediction was correct but early. Institutional Investor Interest in Bitcoin Late 2020 provided the fuel Bitcoin needed to cross the $ 30,000 price tag. It also pushed the price of Bitcoin to its all-time high of $ 42,000.


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