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The new episode of The Simpsons series showed the price of bitcoin “infinitely”

In the last episode of the famous Simpsons series, bitcoin was mentioned again. In one part of this section, it can be seen that there is an infinite sign in front of the bitcoin price. The forecast was made in the form of a TV subtitle on the stock prices of various companies.

to the the report YouTube, in episode 18 of season 32 of the popular Simpsons series, predicted that bitcoin prices would rise indefinitely. It is worth mentioning that this series is the longest series in the history of television programs.

In the latest episode, which aired as “Burger Kings,” in addition to the price of bitcoin, it was estimated that GameStop shares would initially reach $ 1 trillion and would immediately cross $ 2 trillion; This refers to the sharp fluctuations of these marginal stocks.

In the latest episode of The Simpsons, which aired on Sunday, Mr. Burns eats a large number of hamburgers and dies. Then the idea comes to him that he can win people’s hearts again by selling hamburgers of unknown plant species that prolong people’s lives.

Bitcoin price forecast in Simpsons

In this regard, he creates a company called X-cell leaf. Homer Simpson is hired as the commercial director of the company’s commercials. Marj is also looking to buy new pants for her husband by speculating on the shares of this company and other companies!

This is not the first time bitcoins have been mentioned in The Simpsons. In a part of this series that aired in February last year, we saw the presence of bitcoin. The Big Bang Theory series also describes this emerging technology in one of its episodes.

Many celebrities, including Jesse Powell, CEO of Kraken Exchange, and Michael Saylor, CEO of Microstrategy, have previously stated that the price of Bitcoin goes to infinity, saying that the US dollar has no price floor. It is not and its value is decreasing day by day and this issue will make it impossible to determine the peak price of Bitcoin.

It should not be forgotten that the Simpsons series has a long history of predicting important events in the world; These include the victory of Donald Trump in the elections and the economic crisis in Greece.

The Simpsons was extended for another two seasons last month, boosting speculation about more predictions.


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