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The MP called for immediate action by the Central Bank and the Exchange Organization on cryptocurrencies

In a recent interview, Mojtaba Tavangar, chairman of the parliament’s Digital Economy Committee, stressed the people’s desire to enter the cryptocurrency market as a way to compensate for “failures” in the stock market, and called on the central bank and the stock exchange organization to take action on digital currencies as soon as possible. Do.

According to digital currency reports and to Quoted From ISNA, the head of the Digital Economy Committee of the parliament, referring to the increasing desire of the people to trade cryptocurrencies to compensate for their failures in the stock market, called on the Central Bank and the stock exchange organization to take immediate action in the field of cryptocurrencies.

Mojtaba Tavangar, referring to the increasing desire of some people to deal with cryptocurrencies, said:

Internal laws in this area should be developed and appropriate executive regulations and bylaws should be followed. Certainly, one cannot expect responsible behavior from activists in this field and the people without knowing the scope and rules of activity in this field, because some of those who are interested in legal activity are already demanding that you announce the framework of activity.

He added:

The same is true in all areas of the economy, and ambiguity in regulations, and inaction by policymakers and regulators, deprives the private sector of the opportunity to operate, along with the creation of numerous lawsuits that are not desirable for the country by any standard.

This member of the Economic Commission of the parliament continued:

The legal vacuum can also spread the seductive activities of some unhealthy people resulting from this legal vacuum, and some people will be deceived by this issue. Under these circumstances, it is not possible to distinguish responsible, honest and capable activists from fraudsters, and there will be numerous claimants among the people who will say that if there was a ban or regulation, we would not be harmed in this area.

Tavangar stated:

A regulatory vacuum can increase the intensity of winning or losing by significantly increasing the risk of activity, and make the business environment look like a vague and dusty environment that will definitely benefit unhealthy people. In this atmosphere, the security of the economy seems, and the uncertainty of the people intensifies the atmosphere of emotional behaviors in the economy, which is like a poison for the economy.

This member of the Economic Council told Ramzarz about the effect of stock market fluctuations on people’s luck:

The fall of the stock market, regardless of this issue, has caused a severe blow to the social capital of the people. Where it could have been a launching pad for policy and economic reform, it became one of the country’s serious economic weaknesses.

He continued:

The atmosphere of the first half of this year in the stock market created the false expectation in the minds of the people that they should get rich overnight and the right way to get rich does not go unnoticed. The damage done to the people also caused a sense of backwardness from some of their friends and relatives who had become so rich. To make up for this, they were looking for a tool that the cryptographers introduced and introduced themselves as an easy way to get rich. Well, it is natural that this issue is popular in this space.

Tavangar reminded:

It is interesting to know that there are some people with strong reputation who have sold stocks at high prices both in the stock market and entered this market on time and are selling their cryptocurrencies to this flood of people who are demanding and, as the famous saying goes, “fluctuate from people everywhere.” ». In short, this market is also likely to be a place where many are comfortable rushing to get rich. But it’s time to decide who gets this money from. In short, in the secondary market, the currency code will probably not be the result of a very different sum of zero

The MP also stressed on how to prevent the outflow of capital from the country and attract capital in the production sector:

The way to prevent the outflow of capital in the country is to act wisely. The result should be a reduction in unreasonable fluctuations. This means that our officials must first understand the economy themselves. Regulatory ambiguity, constant regulatory changes, investor uncertainty, high bureaucratic barriers to business, and encouragement of people to emotional spaces by officials are some of the barriers to directing capital toward production.

He considered the issue of pricing and unwarranted interference in economic processes as a major obstacle to the prosperity of the stock market and added:

Capital moves towards production if the advantage is in production and effort, not speculation and the like. Rents in the country should be reduced or moved in a direction that strengthens production and productive activity. Strengthening production and the economy seems to be a major issue that needs to be addressed more comprehensively.

This member of the Supreme Council for the Implementation of the General Policies of Article 44 reminded:

Among the factors are strengthening production, reforming the tax system and removing barriers to production and creating stability in regulations and reforming the governance system in the country. Of course, the culture of investment and people’s expectations of economic work is also very effective and important, and it must be worked on fundamentally.

Tavangar pointed out in the end:

In the field of cryptocurrencies, the central bank and the stock exchange organization should act as soon as possible, and if the government wants, it should submit a bill to the parliament.


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