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The most popular secret messages in the Bitcoin blockchain

The Bitcoin blockchain is full of hidden messages ranging from marriage proposal to prayer. Some of them are more interesting than others and can not be forgotten.

Bitcoin miners can register their own message after creating a block to stay in the bitcoin blockchain forever, and thus the bitcoin blockchain contains a wide range of messages. These messages, some of which contain data about important events, will be preserved forever.

As a result, the Bitcoin blockchain has become a vast collection of all kinds of hidden messages, from support for protocol changes by miners to newspaper headlines, blasphemy, art, music and film, marriage registration, death announcements and childbirth.

This innovative misuse of the most creative transaction protocol of our time has certainly provided a unique cultural complex for future historians. Even if Bitcoin is destroyed, hundreds of thousands of copies of the Blockchain will remain. These messages will probably last as long as humanity exists. Decrypt website at an article Here are five of the most important and interesting messages recorded in the Bitcoin blockchain, which you can read below.

1. Times headline in the first block

The most popular secret messages in the Bitcoin blockchain

The most famous bitcoin message is stored in the first bitcoin block or Genesis block (= Genesis block). The message was created by the anonymous creator of the protocol, Satoshi Nakamoto, and made the front page headline of the Times on January 3, 2009: “Head of Treasury [انگلستان] It is on the verge of granting a second financial aid to banks.»

The headline refers to British bank bailouts after the 2008 financial crisis, which Nakamoto used to draw attention to his counterpart’s new currency and hoped to one day replace the current flawed monetary system.

۲. Hawking 2020 Bitcoin message

The most popular secret messages in the Bitcoin blockchain

Bitcoin abruptly halves the block extraction bonus every four years (every 200,000 blocks). This event is called Halving. This is done according to the rules in bitcoin codes, during which the extraction bonus is halved, accompanied by an increase in the price of this digital currency. As a result, it has become a fateful event for Bitcoin fans, who celebrate it with a countdown.

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At the last Hawing in May 2020 (June 99) in Block No. 629,999 (One block left to Hawing) The F2Pool pool expressed its allegiance to the origins of bitcoin and perpetuated the new financial crisis. They included an article in the New York Times on April 9, 2020. The block, which was mined with a bonus of 12.5 bitcoins, had the following message:

The New York Times on April 9, 2020, with a $ 2.3 trillion injection, the US Federal Reserve plans to exceed the 2008 bailout package

3. Julian Assange: “We are fine”

In 2016, rumors surfaced on 8chan about the death of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Amid concerns that the WikiLeaks Twitter account had been hacked, the organization reacted abnormally.

WikiLeaks posted the following message using several of its own bitcoin addresses: “We are fine, 8chan post is fake.»

The most popular secret messages in the Bitcoin blockchain
Putting the first letters of the addresses in a row makes a sentence.

Of course, this is not the only time WikiLeaks has used the Bitcoin blockchain to send messages. According to data researcher Ken Shiriff, they also hid a 2.5 MB file on the disclosure of US diplomatic documents in 2010 called the “Cable Gate” in the Bitcoin blockchain. Also, a message to the creator of Bitcoin: “Freedom of expression and freedom of business! “Thank you Satoshi!”

4. Commemoration of Len Sassaman

After the death of a cryptographer named Len Sasman, a memorial text was placed in the Bitcoin blockchain by his colleagues Dan Kaminsky and Travis Goodspeed. The two Bitcoin skeptics wrote the following message in Bitcoin in July 2011 after Sasman’s suicide: “Len was our friend, a genius with a kind spirit. We present this stupid hack to Len, if he was.” “It was funny to him.”

The most popular secret messages in the Bitcoin blockchain
Len Sasaman image as text in Bitcoin blockchain

ASCII art is like a popular Easter egg and a Christmas message by H. Bitcoin Class H. Classen, released on December 19, 2014, is another interesting example of this.

5. Bible verse to protect wildlife (infamous number)

When blockchain 666,666 bitcoin was mined in January 2021, the miner apparently concluded that it needed more protection. He put a verse from the Bible in the block: “Do not be defeated by evil, but defeat evil by good deeds.»

The most popular secret messages in the Bitcoin blockchain

The number 666, 666, called the number of the beast, is associated with Satan and the Antichrist. This verse from the Bible, which is included in this block, according to the existing interpretations, means living for the happiness of others, being honest with oneself and overcoming the evil with the good that can confirm the main ideology of Bitcoin: a fair financial system And all-encompassing for everyone.

But this is not the first religious message hidden in the Bitcoin blockchain. An miner named Eligius hid Catholic worship in Bitcoin, prompting much controversy and insults.


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