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The Minister of Energy announced: Development of opening programs for digital currency mining activists

Minister of Energy Reza Ardakanian, expressing the development of opening plans for digital currency mining activists in the country, said that cryptocurrency miners can continue their activities without worries and worries about electricity supply.

The Minister of Energy stated that the Ministry of Energy has prepared a plan for the extractors of cryptocurrencies this year, which will be a good opening in the work of this sector, and said:

With the benefit of this plan, cryptocurrencies can continue to operate without worries and worries about electricity supply. The details of this program will be announced soon by the Electricity Generation, Transmission and Distribution Company and the Renewable Energy and Electricity Productivity Organization of Iran.

Ardakanian stated that the use of renewable and electric energy that they produce will be allocated to virtual currency extractors with conditions, and specified:

This week, we announced a new guideline on creating openings for the use of energy in the production of cryptocurrencies, a dual-purpose task that allows both authorized users to extract cryptocurrencies and boost the development of renewable energy.

He went on to say that the unauthorized use of water and electricity is both a crime under the labor law and an immoral act, and that we will deal with violators with legal tools and powers without waiver:

Of course, on the other hand, we provide conditions and facilities, and in this regard, the government is doing its job.

The Minister of Energy continued:

People should know that the unauthorized use of energy to produce cryptocurrencies is no different than putting them in the pockets of others, when the way of legal and legal use is left open, it is like a house at the entrance, but instead of entering through the door, you want to enter through the wall. People should take this issue seriously, because if it is not dealt with, it will have a serious impact on the energy supply and everyone will be harmed.

He added:

We, as the government, have made an opening in this regard, and this year, the rules, regulations and facilities have been properly provided since the beginning of the year, and on the other hand, unauthorized use is being dealt with seriously, both in the educational environment and elsewhere.

Referring to the change of government and the challenges of the water and electricity industry this year, the Minister of Energy said:

Planning in services such as the Ministry of Energy is such that the importance of this year will be the same as in previous years, of course, we note that this year due to elections and the need for maximum turnout and, of course, the attention of others from abroad to the country To undermine this necessity (maximum presence), we must strive to provide services and provide conditions that provide adequate satisfaction.

He added that the conditions for electricity production are good:

We have put the units that should be in the circuit according to the plan, the units that are under annual repair, God willing, will come into orbit before the hot season, the new units that should be opened will be opened, and the agreements that should be taken into account regarding peak hours considerations. Loads with large consumers will also be done.

The Minister of Energy continued:

More importantly, it is the people themselves who, God willing, will pay more attention to the use of cooling devices, especially in the tropics of the country, because we are still suffering from Covid 19 disease and we must supply electricity to all medical centers with much more confidence. Services and housing.

He mentioned:

In the water sector, the situation is slightly different. In the current water year, compared to the previous year and in the long-term average, we are facing a decrease of 30 to 40% of rainfall. We must maintain priority for drinking, health and, of course, large and important freshwater consumers. Agriculture, pay sufficient and necessary attention to the conditions.


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