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The master plan for digital currencies will be read in parliament soon

Abbas Ashtiani, head of the Ramzarz and Blockchain Commission of the country’s computer trade union organization, said in a recent interview that the plan, which was presented to parliament a year ago, is in its final stages and will soon be read in public. According to him, this plan will benefit all actors in this field.

The head of the Ramzarz and Blockchain Commission in the country’s computer trade union organization says that the plan that was presented to the parliament more than a year ago is now nearing its final stage in the parliament and will be read in the open court of the parliament soon. He hopes that this plan, with the help of parliamentarians, will solve the problems of cryptocurrencies in Iran and its activists. He emphasizes that they are strongly opposed to parts of its clauses and are trying to correct it. After presenting this plan, it has been reviewed in several joint meetings between the parliament and Nasr Keshvar specialized commission and the extraction working group of the Block Chain Technologists Association.

According to Arzdigital, Abbas Ashtiani, head of the Ramzarz and Blockchain Commission of the Computer Guild Organization of the country in Conversation Recognizes with Digito that as a cryptocurrency and blockchain commission to develop various regulations and guidelines on cryptocurrencies that interacted in various parts of the government and governance, and over the years have been able to better identify the cryptocurrency position between government and government institutions.

He says that the plan they have put forward has reached the ears and opinions of businesses related to the field and their interested parties or their representatives, and the Fintech Association of Iran is also aware of the necessary text. He emphasizes that the current plan has changed a lot compared to the past, and disappointing sentences have been added to it, and they are trying to clear up the ambiguities and dark points.

Ashtiani says they are trying to remove the ban on the exchange of cryptocurrencies from the final text to be presented to parliament, as they insist their work would have been in vain if it had existed. He also emphasizes that they have achieved other things that they hope will be included in the final text:

We try to make the Central Bank and the Exchange Organization the reference for formulating the requirements for exchanges of cryptocurrencies in the country, and the Ministry of Silence to be responsible for issuing licenses for cryptocurrency farms. We also want to make the revenue of cryptocurrencies in the country transparent so that a better green light is given to these activities in the country.

According to Ashtiani, the total value of the cryptocurrency market in the world is estimated at $ 350 billion with a daily turnover of $ 53 billion, and Bitcoin alone holds 57% of this market:

The amount of legal and illegal extraction of Ramzarz in Iran is estimated at $ 285 million. Currently, 19,500 of the 324,000 bitcoins mined annually in the world are extracted in Iran.

He says that since the Ministry of Petroleum has not sold a branch to the industry to date, they are trying to deliver industrial gas to the miners so that they can generate electricity for themselves.

Asked whether the Ramzarz and Blockchain Commission of the country’s Computer Guild Organization had acted on the plan alone and without the knowledge of other commissions and related institutions, Ashtiani said that they had set foot on the issue nearly two years ago. They have put forward and since then to this day, they have talked to various institutions about its quantity and quality in order to achieve the best results. He emphasizes that regulatory issues are not limited to a specific province, and that these decisions are at the national level:

The structures of Nasr Keshvari associations and specialized commissions are much better for proposing such plans. However, from the very beginning until today, we have always invited all the associations and smaller commissions to be with us.

Ashtiani emphasizes that Nasr Keshvar’s efforts, along with other relevant teams, are nearing their final stage, and at the present time, all actors in this ecosystem must help each other to achieve a better result through parliament and legislation for the Ramzars:

The door of the blockchain and cryptocurrency commission of the country’s computer trade union system is open to all those interested in activities and role-making, and in the absence of activists, it will be expected to have a benevolent effect and is a sign of pride.


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