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The list of people wanted by the US Secret Police also includes the names of several criminals in the field of digital currencies

The US Secret Service has released a list of wanted individuals. Among them are several criminals in the field of digital currencies.

to the the report The US Secret Service, which is tasked with protecting political figures and criminal investigators, has released a list of wanted individuals. The list also includes several digital currency criminals.

Allan Garcia, a 36-year-old Costa Rican citizen, is one of the defendants in the alleged management of Liberty Reserve, a company said to operate in the field of digital currencies.

The US Secret Service says in this regard:

The company became the financial hub of the cybercrime world and facilitated a wide range of online criminal activities, including credit card fraud, identity theft, investment fraud, computer hacking, child pornography, and drug trafficking.

Danil Potekhin, from Russia, is another digital currency-related criminal on the Secret Service list. Between June 2017 and April 2018, Putkhin and his colleague Dmitrii Karasavidi launched a phishing campaign targeting users of several digital currency exchanges. According to the Secret Service, the two were able to seize some of the victims’ assets and manipulate the digital currency markets.

Rashawd Lamar Tulloch, a 33-year-old American citizen accused of money laundering involved in the fraud of millions of dollars, is another prominent name on the list. Taloch started a business that converted payments into bitcoin or cash.

The presence of criminals related to the field of digital currencies in most of the names of the accused wanted by the secret service shows that the crimes arising from the world of digital currencies have attracted the attention of the government more than ever.

Earlier this month, the Ministry of Justice announced that ransomware would be prioritized alongside terrorism. The announcement came after news of a ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline.

Days later, the Group of Seven reaffirmed its commitment to the Ministry of Justice to combat digital currency attacks with ransomware attacks.


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