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The inflow of digital currencies into mutual funds has reached its lowest level in five months

New statistics from CoinShares show that in a seven-day period, the rate of return on investment in digital asset investment products fell by $ 79 million to $ 21 million. This is the lowest rate of capital inflows since October.

to the Report CoinDesk, the decline in investors’ desire to enter the digital currency market can also be seen in the transverse fluctuations on the chart. Over the past week, the price of Bitcoin has fluctuated between $ 50,000 and $ 60,000. Coin Shears writes in part of his report:

In recent weeks, as bitcoin price fluctuations and fluctuations have risen, investors’ desire for digital assets has declined.

In another part of this report, it is stated:

Recently, in connection with older and larger investment products belonging to before 2016, we have seen a significant reduction in the inflow rate and in some cases the outflow rate of capital. We believe that this is due to the action of investors to withdraw their multi-year profits.

According to statistics, the inflow of American users’ capital is declining. European and Canadian users, on the other hand, continue to hold their own currencies.

Last week, the daily trading volume of digital asset investment products fell to $ 788 million. The average daily trading volume of these products so far in 2021 has been about $ 900 million.

Capital inflow into the digital currency market
Capital inflow into the digital currency market

The report also states that Bitcoin had the largest share in terms of inbound capital.

Ethereum, meanwhile, remains more popular than its market value at $ 5 million in inflows.


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