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The hackers sent a racist message on the Blockfolio app: Blacks have no right to use this software!

Following the release of racist messages in the Blackpool Signals section, the company apologized to users and announced that it had added $ 10 to trading accounts on the platform.

To Report CoinDesk, Blockfolio’s portfolio management platform, apologized after the publication of racist posts on its portfolio software and news.

On Monday night, at least two messages that appeared to be from popular digital currency platforms were released in the Blackpool Signals section, which contained racist content.

The blockchain signals section is a communication feed that allows tokens projects to interact with their user community.

Blackfolio wrote in a Twitter message on Tuesday:

We are deeply sorry for the insulting messages that were posted today.

The company stressed that no account was affected by the incidents and that the incident did not affect any of the trading features. Blackfolio added:

We restored access to the hacked sender in the signal and deleted the messages.

Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of FTX, which owns Blackpool, tweeted that all trading accounts for the software would be apologized for $ 10.

she wrote:

None of the members of the Blackfolio team wanted that to happen. But we are all responsible for our product and we do everything we can to improve it. I, along with a number of other team members, donated to ACLU today [اتحادیه آزادی‌های مدنی آمریکا] We will.

Blackpool did not immediately respond to a request for comment. CoinDesk did not immediately respond to a request for comment. To what extent does he intend to prevent such misuse of the signal system in the future?


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