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The founder of the Bitmax exchange surrendered to US officials

Ben Delo, one of the founders and owners of BitMEX, surrendered to US officials in New York. He has now pleaded not guilty and has been released on $ 20 million bail.

to the the report According to Bloomberg, Ben Dello appeared in front of Judge Sarah L. Cave remotely and in absentia. He pleaded not guilty and was released on $ 20 million bail. The condition of the bail is that he can return to his home in England and wait for the trial.

Aquarius’ surrender is part of an agreement reached with US officials in February. The terms of the agreement were coordinated with the FBI as well as the United States border to allow Aquarius to enter the United States. The accused was banned from traveling by British authorities.

“Aquarius spokeswoman Rachel Miller said:

The allegations against Ben Dello are baseless and a sign of unacceptable excess by US officials. Ben intends to defend himself against the allegations and clear his name from the court.

Aquarius, along with Arthur Hayes, Samuel Reed and Greg Dwyer, other Bitmax exchange managers, have been accused of setting up an unregistered trading platform and violating US anti-money laundering laws by providing unauthorized services to American citizens. .

Ben Dello is the second Bitmax executive to be summoned by authorities after the arrest of Samuel Reid, the exchange’s former chief technology officer, in October 2020. Samuel Reed was released the same month on $ 5 million bail and pledged to follow the court process.

Arthur Hess, the former CEO of the exchange, is currently in Singapore, but is working with authorities to deliver in Hawaii on April 6 (April 17, 1400).

According to a transcript from a February 6 court hearing, Jessica Greenwood, a U.S. attorney general, noted that a Bitmax owner named Greg Dyer, who lives in the Bermuda archipelago, refused to surrender. However, legal proceedings have been initiated to extradite Dyer to face his charges in the United States.


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