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The final decision on digital currency exchanges in Iran will be made by the “Ramzarz Exchange Working Group”.

The cryptocurrency exchange working group has been formed by the order of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace and with the notification of the first vice president in order to organize the cryptocurrency exchange market and plan to organize cryptocurrency exchanges.

According to digital currency and to Quoted In addition, in this working group, in addition to dealing with the duties of various institutions and associations in this field, one of the important issues in that issue will be the risk management of Ramzarz sales.

Announcing this news in the Club House, the Deputy Governor of New Technologies announced that one of the first specific outputs of this working group is to further investigate the payment gateways of Ramzarzi exchanges. According to Mehran Moharramian, in this working group, it has been decided that for final conclusions and decisions in this regard, the opinion of all supervisory bodies in this field should be taken and after reaching a specific conclusion, decisions should be made about payment gateways used by cryptocurrencies.

In a situation where the Central Bank’s Deputy Minister of New Technologies announces that the Governor of the Central Bank also announced on Tuesday that in the current situation, no hasty action will be taken in this regard until the cryptocurrency activity roadmap is determined and decisions are made.

Rumors of the closure of cryptocurrency payment gateways during the first days of the week have caused the market for active platforms in this platform to be somewhat inflamed. Therefore, the chairman of the parliament’s economic commission stated in a clear and official speech that the parliament wants to organize this market and not to block it.

Now Muharramian said that in this working group, it has been decided to thoroughly study the issues of risk management of Ramzarz market and sale, as well as the risks in the market. He pointed out that the plans that have already been prepared by the Central Bank have been sent to all responsible agencies, and stressed that these issues will be carefully considered in the next meeting of this working group.

He considered one of the main concerns of the Central Bank to be a thorough and comprehensive study of the issue and added:

In this period of time, we have tried to gather the necessary information in this regard with the cooperation of individuals.

Muharramian divided the activities of Ramzarz exchange area into two parts. One of these sections is activists who want to operate in this space in a transparent and authorized manner. Of course, he emphasized that the word “authorized” does not mean that their activities are legal according to the decree of 1998 regarding cryptocurrencies, but they want conditions to be provided so that they can offer cryptocurrencies and receive user’s Rials or vice versa. He continued:

Of course, on the other hand, some do not operate in this healthy market, so for many citizens who enter this market, there is no recognition of healthy activists as unhealthy and fraudulent.

He emphasized:

Not only the central bank can decide on this situation alone, but also other branches of government and higher levels must be present to make decisions in this regard. Therefore, the Ramzarz Exchange Working Group has been formed under the Supreme Council of Cyberspace and the National Cyberspace Center.

According to the Deputy Minister of New Technologies of the Central Bank, one of the main institutions that can make decisions and policies in this regard is the Islamic Consultative Assembly. We ask them to pass a law in this regard. Of course, it is natural that the details of that law will be formulated and implemented after approval and notification by other institutions, including the Central Bank.

Referring to the activities carried out at the Central Bank, he said:

A working group was formed in the Central Bank in September of 1999, and this working group prepared a document for the Ramzarz area based on a scenario, and the Central Bank provided this document to the National Cyberspace Center. According to him, the formation of the Ramzarz Exchange Working Group and other working groups that have been held with the focus on the Ministry of Silence and the FATA Police in this field are the results of the output of that document.


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