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The famous American singer praised Theron with 8 million followers

Famous American singer Lindsay Lohan praised Theron in a recent tweet, describing it as fast and cheap.

to the the report Cryptopotito, American singer, songwriter and entrepreneur Lindsay Lohan is the latest celebrity to speak out in favor of digital currencies. He announced the sale of his unparalleled token three days ago and now seems to be interested in DeFi. It is worth noting that Lightning was his unique token name.

In the field of music, there seems to be a widespread madness around bitcoin. As hip-hop star Jay Z joins Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to donate bitcoins to African developers, Lindsay Lohan is exploring the world of defy.

On his Twitter account, Lohan praised the TRON blockchain and its defense protocol, called JUST. He said he was interested in the speed and zero cost of transactions in the ChinaTron block.

I’m discovering Defy and I have fallen in love with JST and SUN in Theron. Very fast and with zero commission. Don’t be tired Justin Sun.

Theron co-founder Justin Sun, despite the huge damage he suffered at GameStop, welcomed Lohan into the Theron block with his usual benevolence and asked for his wallet address.

Lohan is not the only Theron fan in the music industry. Rapper Lil Yachty and pop singer Ne-Yo are considering adding Theron to their portfolio. In fact, Lil Yati and Sun have both said that if the price of this digital currency reaches 50 cents, they will get tattoos!

As experts have predicted, this is a year of unparalleled tokens. The market for unparalleled tokens has grown exponentially and many records have been set in this area. This industry is undoubtedly full of capacity; From unprecedented sales to growing acceptance by celebrities.

Lindsay Lohan has launched her first digital collection on the Rarible platform. He asked his followers to support his vision by buying this token. The American singer promised to donate the proceeds from the sale of these tokens to charity.

The explanation of Rribel is as follows:

I believe in a world that is financially decentralized and the power of dreams is a major part of the human lightning network. This is my first digital collection. [درآمد آن را] I donate to charities that accept bitcoins to empower younger generations to adapt and learn from this revolution that humanity is witnessing.

The name of this token has caused confusion. Some users have suggested that the token name is misleading; Because unique tokens are hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, not bitcoin. However, these unique tokens have been widely acclaimed by the user community. The tokens were reportedly purchased at a price of 33 ethers (ETH).

With so much attention being paid to digital currencies in various ways, the question arises as to whether the market is nearing its peak.

The arrival of celebrities is usually a clear sign that the market is approaching a peak. In times like the present, it is important to remember that no one loses money to make a profit.

When the frenzy reaches its peak, it usually indicates that the market is ready for a reform. [در چنین مواقعی] It is important to be vigilant and very careful.


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