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The False Compound platform donated $ 90 million to its users

The Compound platform, one of the largest decentralized platforms in the field of defense, mistakenly donated $ 90 million to its users.

According to Arzdigital, a bug in the recent upgrade of this platform has caused such a big mistake. The founder of this platform has also asked users to return the received amounts and has warned that otherwise the issue could enter the legal process.

The company’s founder, Robert Leshner, tweeted on Thursday:

If you received a large amount of COMP tokens due to a component protocol error, please return it.

He continued his tweet:

10. Take it as one [هکر] Take off your white hat [و بقیه را برگردانید]. Otherwise, it is reported to the IRS as income and most of you will be identified.

Following the announcement, the price of the COMP token, the internal token of the compound platform, fell; But it soon returned to near previous levels. It is not yet clear how many users are willing to repay the windfall; But according to Report The script returned about $ 29 million in tokens in the first few hours of a transaction.

Leschner tweets also sparked a wave of outrage between the digital currency community and Defy. According to most people who have responded to Lechner’s tweets, this is a reduction threat and is contrary to decentralized ideals. In other tweets, Lashner reacted to the criticism, saying he only intended to help the community, and that the remarks were out of sympathy.

Compound is one of the largest platforms in the field of defense, which is specifically focused on lending. Users can get loans decentrally and without any intermediaries by allocating their digital currencies as collateral.


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