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The entry of Pele, the world football legend, into the realm of unparalleled tokens

Pele, the world football legend, has also entered the realm of unparalleled tokens. The Ethernity Chain platform announced yesterday that the first non-unique Pele token will be released on May 2.

to the the report Quinn Desk, a collection of unique tokens designed by Kingsletter and Visual Lab over a one-month period, is the first set of unique tokens to feature a step card. The two artists are also set to release new collections on Ethernet China.

Nick Rose, CEO and founder of Eternity, said in an interview:

Our focus is on building the largest library of collection assets of unique tokens. Stairs are a very important achievement for us. He is the greatest footballer in history.

Eternity is one of the platforms that seeks to take advantage of the heat of unparalleled tokens. Eternity has announced in recent months that it is working on projects that use big names such as baseball star Fernando Tatis Jr. and world boxing legend Mohammad Ali Kelly.

Many consider Pele to be the greatest player in the history of football. He and Maradona were named Player of the Century in 2000. During his game with the Brazilian national team, Pele won three World Cups. Hanging his shoes in 1997, he is still the top scorer of the World Cup.

Physical cards with the image of stairs on them are among the most expensive cards in stores such as eBay. In November, a new unused Pele 1958 card sold for $ 288,000 at auction.

Etherny is an Ethereum-based platform launched last week. According to Rose, the platform was able to generate $ 750,000 unique tokens on Monday. 90% of Pele’s unique token sales go to a charity of the same name. The foundation is trying to spend the money on providing access to education for children who are deprived of these services. Another part of this revenue will be spent on fighting poverty.

In another part of his speech, Rose said:

Our plan is to publish Pele’s collectible assets twice a year. We have signed contracts with a large number of football players.


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