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The energy consumption standard of extraction devices was developed and approved

Abdul Sahib Arjmand, Director General of the Office of Supervision and Supervision of Electricity Transmission and Distribution of the Ministry of Energy, referring to the meeting of the Committee for the Approval of Standards of Iran’s Electricity Industry Announced the standards of the electricity industry.

According to digital currency and to Quoted From the Iranian economist, he noted

Due to the increasing development of currency encryption devices and technology of such equipment, which is commonly known as bitcoin production technology, the Cabinet at its meeting on August 6, 1998, instructed the National Standards Organization of Iran in cooperation with the Ministries of Energy, Communications and Information Technology. , Compile and communicate energy labels and power quality standards for cryptocurrency processing equipment (mining) products.

Arjmand said:

At this meeting, it was decided that the National Standards Organization would approve it as a national standard as soon as possible and put it on the organization’s website; The standard “Energy consumption and energy label of currency code extraction devices” has been developed in cooperation with the Ministry of Energy and the National Organization for Standardization and has been posted on the website of the National Organization for Standardization with the national number 22,800 in September this year.

He stated in the end:

According to the approvals of the 13th of Mordad 98 and 15th of July of this year of the Cabinet, the observance of the mentioned standards is obligatory for all devices and farms for extracting the currency code.


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