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The Dutch Alkmaar football team will keep bitcoins

The Dutch Alkmaar football team recently announced that it intends to convert part of its balance sheet into bitcoin. The team also announced its official and exclusive partnership with a digital currency brokerage called Bitcoin Meester.

to the the report Coin Telegraph, the club published official statements on its website on Thursday, announcing its official partnership with Bitcoin Mister Brokerage until mid-2024. According to the statement, the brokerage is obliged to provide financial support to Alkmaar Club in the form of bitcoins. Alkmaar has also expressed a desire to keep these bitcoins on its balance sheet (in other words, it has no intention of selling its bitcoins and converting them into fiat money).

Michael Koster, Alkmaar’s commercial director, says the appeal of bitcoin and digital currencies is undeniable, which has led the club to make the decision. In his opinion:

The digital currency market is experiencing significant growth, and the number of users of these currencies has increased significantly in recent years.

He added that organizations such as football clubs that do not have the necessary information and expertise in digital currencies should seek help from reputable individuals or entities such as BitcoinMaster. Bitcoin Mister is one of the few digital currency companies in the Netherlands licensed by the country’s central bank.

Recent news indicates that the regulation of digital currencies in the Netherlands has become a challenge and has caused much controversy among the authorities of this country. For example, a Dutch government official recently called for a complete ban on bitcoin in the country.

Every day, more and more digital currency companies contract with sports clubs to grow their business and increase the credibility of their brand. CryptoDatcom ( is one of the closest examples of this, recently announcing its partnership with Formula One.

Many American sports leagues, from the NBA to the National Basketball Association (NBA), are turning to bitcoin and digital currencies. The country’s sports stars have also shown interest in digital currencies. For example, Tom Brady, the legend of the American National Football League and the champion of 7 Super Bowl tournaments, signed a contract with the well-known digital currency exchange FTX in June of this year. The partnership was formed to support digital currencies by celebrities, during which Tom Brady was named FTX Exchange Ambassador.


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