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The developers of Teslabug have solved a bitcoin payment software

Automotive giant Tesla has gone one step further than just buying Bitcoin (BTC) and accepting to pay for this digital currency, and is now involved in debugging open source software built into the Bitcoin network.

to the Report Cryptonews, the main developers of the popular encrypted payment processor and wallet service, BTCPay Server, wrote in a Twitter message:

We would like to thank Tesla for providing the information that helped fix the bug and helped us fix it. Thank you for participating in our community and helping to keep our users safe.

Tesla contacted the project after seeing a critical flaw in the code sent by BTSP Server to the GitHub repository, and helped developers create a patch package.

Nicolas Dorier, one of the main developers and founders of the project, wrote at GateHub:

The new patch is a security patch that fixes a critical vulnerability and several low-impact vulnerabilities that affected versions and older. Update.

Durer added that Tesla deserves credit for “responsibly recording this defect.” He also thanked independent web security researcher Qaiser Abbas for “responsibly exposing vulnerabilities.”

Members of the digital currency community on social media expressed satisfaction with the move.

On Reddit, one user wrote that the “beauty of open source software” is that “everyone benefits when they participate in the community and share their knowledge.”

Another user commented:

[این موضوع] Demonstrates the true quality of engineering in Silicon Valley. I do not think it is unreasonable that these people are paid too much.

BitPay Server is essentially an open source alternative to the BitPay centralized payment gateway. The software was created in 2017 and introduces itself as “a self-hosted, open source digital currency payment processor” that is “secure, private, censorship-resistant, and free.”

Many users wrote on Twitter that they were happy with Tesla’s participation in Bitcoin. “Tesla has officially worked for Bitcoin more than Coinbase,” one user joked.

Another user wrote:

This [تحولات] It is growing much faster than expected.


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