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The CEO of Blockstream strongly criticized the Meem Quinns

Adam Back, CEO of Blockstream, has recently sharply criticized memes and their fans on Twitter. He also questioned the value of some NFT tokens, saying he would not keep some NFTs even if they paid him.

to the Report Crypto Potito, apparently, the difference of opinion between the supporters of Bitcoin and the supporters of worthless tokens or memes is increasing every day. Although the two groups sometimes agree with each other, they often criticize the other side on separate pages.

The phrase “proponent of worthless tokens” can have many different meanings, depending on who uses it. However, maximalists, or extremists of bitcoin, often use the term to describe those who invest in currencies other than bitcoin.

Adam Beck, CEO and founder of Blockstream, a company that develops blockchain-based products in China, criticized the fans of worthless tokens, saying that they are awful in making memes and internet jokes, and the reason for this is not clear. Adam Beck, a staunch supporter of bitcoin, has gone even further, saying that the ETHRocks, a collection of unbelievably expensive and popular tokens, some of which have surprisingly sold for $ 2.1 million. , Is nothing but a low-value, worthless gif.

Like all the fights between Bitcoin fans and worthless tokens, the recent controversy in the Twitter digital currency community has been a humorous one; A culture that is rapidly becoming an integral part of the digital currency space.

Sharing a humorous image to fans of worthless tokens yesterday, Adam Beck said that the main problem for Bitcoin extremists could be their over-honesty, and he believes that bitcoin maximalism speaks volumes in response to the tastes of some people.

Blockstream CEO wrote on Twitter:

Perhaps the problem with bitcoin maximalists is that they are too honest with the tastes of some people.

As expected, the other side reacted quickly to Adam Beck’s tweet, with one Mim Quinn fan saying:

Whatever he wants about maximalists [بیت کوین] Tell me, but they certainly make the weakest memes in this space.

Adam Beck wrote in response to this user:

Fans of Shet Quinnes are awful at making online comedies, and it is not clear why. I imagine those for [تولید محتوا] They are paid, they do not care enough about it. The creators of Bitcoin comics are trying to save people and they are doing it with all their might. Apparently, a humorous look at statistics is related to people’s intelligence.

On the other hand, Udi Wertheimer, the hated figure of the Bitcoin Twitter community, tweeted that he rejected Adam Beck’s views on making Internet satire. He wrote to the CEO of Blackstream that the worst images of Internet comedy no longer belong to the fans of Meem Quinns, and this is thanks to the success of Dogecoin, Shiba Ino and other Meem Quinces, which are sold at multi-million dollar prices and in the form of unparalleled tokens.

Audi Wertheimer said:

I’m not saying buy Meem Quinn, I’m saying if you think six Quinn fans can’t make online jokes [خوب] Make it, put your head under the snow and it will not be good for your eyesight!

Adam Beck said in response to this user that many of the sales of unparalleled tokens, which are recorded at prices of several thousand dollars and even several million dollars, are not real. He likened the current situation of the unique tokens market to the boom in the digital currency (ICO) primary supply market in 2017 and 2018; Periods in which some start-up projects participated in the pre-sale of their tokens and purchased their ICOs with capital raised in the early stages of development. The CEO of Blockstream described Ether Rock’s popular collection of unparalleled tokens as “low-resolution gifs of worthless gems.”

Ether Rock is a collection of 100 images of graphic gems that have been released as unique tokens on the Ethereum network and have been very popular since the beginning of this year. The NFTs in this collection are all the same in shape and design, but come in different colors. Despite the simplicity of the collection, none of its tokens are currently on sale for less than $ 500 Ethereums, or $ 2 million.

Despite the high price of NFTs in this series, Adam Beck has said that he would not accept if he was paid to have one of Ether Rox tokens.

The CEO of Block Stream has said:

Many of them are counterfeit, like the booming ICO market [پروژه‌های نوپا] With the initial capital raised, they bought their tokens. A gif with a low resolution image of a rock is of no value. Then [یعنی] It’s totally worthless. If you pay me to have it, I will not accept.


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