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The Central Bank license for “importing goods with passwords” will be issued soon

The Central Bank will soon issue a license to import goods with domestically produced cryptocurrencies through authorized banks and exchange offices, and the related regulations are to be approved by the Supreme Money Laundering Council. Bank officials have also announced that Iran will soon join the National Digital Currency Holders Club.

According to digital currency reports and to Quoted From October, Iran will soon join the club of holders of national cryptocurrencies. According to central bank officials, the relevant by-laws are scheduled to be approved by the Supreme Money Laundering Council by the end of April.

The ambiguity of people’s use of cryptocurrencies in Iran persists, and the government has banned any trading in digital currencies; Of course, the “production” of cryptocurrencies has long been recognized and its production criteria have been formulated and announced, and based on coordination between the responsible ministries, the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade has now issued licenses related to the extraction of digital currencies. ; But these produced currencies have not been allowed to trade at all so far.

For this reason, in recent months, the Central Bank has blocked all payment gateways that carried out operations related to Ramzarz transactions and has dealt with the exchange offices that carried out these operations; But now, as the Mehr correspondent has learned, the Central Bank will soon issue a license to use domestically produced cryptocurrencies to import goods to banks and their authorized exchange offices.

An official in the banking system told Mehr:

Although the Central Bank in no way approves the current transactions of cryptocurrencies within the country, it does not oppose its transactions with the specific rules that are developed; Because the central bank believes that the future of the world’s economies is tied to cryptocurrencies, and Iran should join the crowd; But its terms and conditions must be precisely defined and it must be ensured that it does not pose a serious risk to the economy.

He added:

In this regard, for the “production” of cryptocurrencies in the country, regulations for the approval and production of currency cryptocurrencies became legal; The Central Bank and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance are currently pursuing the adoption of regulations for the exchange of cryptocurrencies produced domestically; This regulation is to be approved by the Supreme Council for Combating Money Laundering (Ministry of Economy); According to this regulation, authorized banks and exchange offices will be allowed to import goods from the place of digital currency produced.

According to the official, the Supreme Council for Combating Money Laundering will adopt the bylaws by the end of April.

Also, according to the information obtained by the Mehr reporter, the cryptocurrency of the Central Bank of Iran, as the national cryptocurrency of the country, is going through its final stages; It will be backed by gold and currency, and banks can use this cryptocurrency for their exchanges in exchange for rials or other assets they provide to the central bank.

Experts believe that this cryptocurrency will also reduce the increasing liquidity ratio.


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