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The Blockchain Association is collecting signatures for the continuation of digital currency exchange activities

Iran Blockchain Association of Iran has launched a campaign to ask Iranian digital currency market activists to support the continuation of the activity of Iranian digital currency exchanges by signing a petition. If the signatures of this letter reach the quorum, it will be referred to the authorities for further follow-up.

According to Arzdigital, the Blockchain Association of Iran wrote in its tweet, while inviting activists in the field of digital currencies to sign this letter:

If you are interested in the continuation of the current activities of Iranian cryptocurrencies, please sign this campaign to obtain the President’s order to receive a three-month deadline and the entry of private organizations to determine the executive regulations approved by the Cabinet in this regard.

A few days ago, the Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly in an urgent letter to the Governor of the Central Bank and the Minister of Economy and Finance, called for the assignment of digital currencies and action to prevent the payment gateway to “unlicensed” activists in this field.

A part of this letter states:

According to the laws and regulations of the country, any activity under the name of “exchange office” in the country is allowed only with the permission of the Central Bank.

Iran Blockchain Association of Iran wrote in the text of its campaign:

It reminds us that the cryptocurrency market has become a strategic issue in Iran and the world in which many of the country’s elites are active. Despite the legality of the exchange of cryptocurrencies, provided that the risk-takers accept responsibility by the traders in accordance with paragraph one of Resolution No. 58144T55637 dated 13.05.98 of the Cabinet of Ministers, hasty actions of the Central Bank to close payment gateways It can lead to financial problems and economic and security crises in this area.

In another part of this campaign, stating that the “coercive”, “irresponsible” and “obstructive” treatment of transparent and observable platforms in practice is a clear example of self-sanction, we read:

We, the activists of Ramzarz and Blockchain industry of the country, demand that by avoiding coercive and hasty confrontations in order to block the payment gateway of the above-mentioned companies, a deadline of at least three months be set and during this period, committees consisting of all relevant agencies including the public sector And private sector organizations such as Blockchain Association, Fintech Association, Iran Computer Guild System, Tehran Computer Guild System, Iran Chamber of Commerce should take immediate action so that this committee can prepare and submit the executive bylaw of paragraph 1 of the above-mentioned Cabinet resolution. Avoid large amounts of currency from the country and create economic insecurity in the year of production, supports and barriers.

People who wish to participate in this campaign and sign the above-mentioned letter can do so until June 17 by referring to This link, To participate in it. So far, 3,000 people have signed the letter. If the number of signatures reaches more than 30,000, a special working group will be formed for continuous follow-up.


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