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The best investment in history; The trader who became a billionaire with Shiba Ino!

An unnamed investor bought some Shiba Ino 400 days ago for about $ 8,000. Surveys show that the value of tokens in the trader’s wallet has now reached $ 4.45 billion.

to the Report The Daily Hoodel, Morning Brew media company, last week, just as Shiba Ino’s price was reaching its all-time high, published a report on an incredible deal in which a $ 8,000 purchase of Shiba Inu, worth about It had reached $ 5.7 billion.

The report states:

The wallet was bought by Shiba Ino for about $ 8,000 in August last year and is now worth $ 5.8 billion. [یعنی] In just 400 days, its value has reached $ 5.7 billion. What we are seeing is probably the biggest personal deal ever made.

At the time of writing, Shiba Ino is trading at around $ 0.00006982. The price of this Ethereum network-based honeymoon has increased by about 80 million percent since last year.

The best investment in history;  The trader who became a billionaire with Shiba Ino!
Shiba Ino Price Chart (1-Day View of Shiba Ino Market / Dollar)

Analytical company IntoTheBlock has said that 80% of Shiba Ino’s circulating supply is available to only 6 addresses.

The analytical company wrote on Twitter:

People are surprised by the recent increase in the price of Shiba Ino and the address that has more than $ 5.7 billion of this token. Excluding tokens and exchanges, there seem to be other big winners. [گفتنی است که] 41% of addresses are used for token burning.

Shiba Ino’s price also rose last month when Coin Bass added it to his market. In the middle of last month, Ilan Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, posted a photo of his Shiba Inui dog on Twitter, which was again accompanied by an increase in the price of this token.

Although Ilan Musk announced early last week that he had no Sheba Inui tokens, this did not slow the growth of the digital currency. When Sheiba Ino reached a new price peak, she briefly surpassed her rival Dogecoin in the digital currency market rankings. Dogecoin is currently in tenth place and Shiba Inu is in ninth place above it.


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