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The best currencies on the market in the past week

Market data show that in the last 7 days, a group of digital currencies have performed significantly in their field of activity and have been welcomed by investors. But which group has the best performance and what tokens does each category include?

to the Report Crypto News, in a week associated with the different performance of digital currencies, a group of tokens performed better than others. In the following, we will see which groups performed better and what projects each group consisted of.

The best currencies on the market in the past week
The categories that performed best last week

Tokens related to overdue contracts

Tokens related to Perpetual Contracts platforms have performed best in the last 7 days and their market value has grown by almost 88%.

This group consists of protocols that provide decentralized futures contracts. Their operation is something like the instantaneous transactions of decentralized exchanges, and Perpetual Protocol and DYDX are two of the largest projects in this category.

Rebis tokens

The second group of tokens that had the best performance this week are Rebase tokens. This group belongs to a large group of tokens and includes a large number of small market value projects that try to keep the price of a token constant by adjusting its supply.

The most well-known digital currencies among the Rebis tokens are the Olympus Decentralized Currency Storage Protocol and the Ampleforth Stable Queen Protocol, which have risen 29 percent and fallen 1.5 percent in the past seven days, respectively. Overall, the market value of Rebis tokens has grown by 38% in the last 7 days.

Olench ecosystem tokens

The Avalanche ecosystem is growing rapidly. The protocol has recently attracted capital from big names in the digital currency space, such as Polychain Capital and Three Arrows Capital.

“AVAX”, the native token of the Olench protocol and the 11th most valuable digital currency on the market, is the largest token in this category. Then there are the TrueUSD and Frax stable coins, which have selected the Olench from several other Blockchainks and are ranked 84th and 201st in the market, respectively. The market value of Olench ecosystem tokens has grown by almost 33% in the last 7 days.

Tokens active in the music industry

Tokens active in the music industry, with a 31% increase in market value, are in the fourth place in this week’s top categories. This classification includes a token called Audius, which is somewhat better known, and a governing token in the decentralized music player protocol of the same name. Odyssey is ranked 92nd in the market.

Rising price of the token and news of the investment of several famous music industry figures in the Odyssey protocol, including China Chainsmokers and Katy Perry, have contributed to the growth of this category last week.

Stock tokens in the second version of Ethereum

The category of share tokens in the second version of Ethereum, which is in the fifth category, includes tokens that allow users to raise funds in the second version of Ethereum by collecting other people’s funds and receive rewards from the network.

The most famous project among the active protocols in the stock is the second version of Ethereum Lido, whose token is called “STETH” and is ranked 44th in the market. However, Bainance Central Exchange also has a stock token called “BETH” and falls into this category. Overall, the market value of stock tokens in the second version of Ethereum has grown by 20% in the last 7 days.


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