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The best bitcoin mining software in 2021

Once you have set up the bitcoin mining hardware, you need a mining software to start bitcoin mining. In this post, after a brief introduction, we will introduce the best bitcoin mining software in 2021.

Most bitcoin mining devices do not require any special software to run and the program is on the device by default.

In new mining machines, the mining process can be started with a few simple steps, and in a way, anyone with the least knowledge can set up a mining machine.

So when mining machines have software on them, what is the use of mining software developed for different operating systems?

In general, several categories of users use bitcoin mining software:

  • People who for any reason do not want to use the software on their extraction machine.
  • People who have a farm and want to do extraction operations professionally.
  • People who want to extract bitcoins without joining the (direct) mining pool.
  • Some people plan to extract bitcoins using USB or FPGA miners.
  • People who want to extract bitcoins using a graphics card (not an ASIC device).
  • People who want to extract bitcoins with a regular computer or laptop.

The most reputable bitcoin mining software

There are currently dozens of bitcoin mining software on the Internet, but most of them are unrealistic and unreliable, and in the end not only do not benefit their users, but also damage the system hardware. There have also been numerous reports of malware in unreliable mining programs.

Here are six bitcoin mining programs that are valid, have passed the test, and are used by many users.

1- CGminer extraction software (CGminer)

Bitcoin mining software CGminer

Advantages: Support for various hardware – the most popular mining software

Disadvantages: It does not have a graphical user interface.

Operating system: Windows, Linux and Mac

CGMiner software is currently the most popular bitcoin mining software. It is written in C for different operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Mac.

CJMiner has features like OverclockingThere is also fan speed monitoring and control. This program supports three methods of extracting CPU, GPU and ASIC.

CGMiner software works with cmd environment and this is not a bit pleasant for users who are used to working with graphical user interface. By registering in an extraction pool, you can enter your extraction pool server and username in the software and start mining.

CGMiner also has the ability to extract directly without joining the extraction pool, for which you must be a full Bitcoin bitcoin and download the entire blockchain (with a volume of more than 200 GB). For small and medium miners, in direct mining the chances of profitability and finding the answer to the block equation are extremely low (and close to zero).

You can download CGminer software from Here download.

2- Software Extraction BFGminer)

BFGminer software

Advantages: Features “MoneyMaker” to get started with one button

Disadvantages: It does not have a graphical user interface. – Does not support graphics card (GPU).

Operating system: Windows and Linux (Ubuntu)

BFJMiner software is another reputable program for extracting bitcoins. This software works more or less like CGMiner software, with the difference that in CCMiner you can extract bitcoins with all devices, but this software is only suitable for ASIC and FPGA devices and does not support graphics cards.

BGFMiner does not have a graphical interface like CCMiner and you have to use the command line to start and run this software. In addition to the possibility of connecting the extraction pool, direct mining can also be performed with the miner’s buffer.

There is also a feature called “MoneyMaker” in this software, which can be started with one button and with the default settings.

software BFGminer You can from Here download.

3- EasyMiner extraction software (EasyMiner)

Easyminer software

Advantages: It has a graphical user interface – with the “MoneyMaker” feature to start working with one button

Disadvantages: Some antiviruses prevent it from being installed.

Operating system: Windows

Bitcoin EasyMiner software works almost identically to the above two software, CGMiner and BFGMiner, except that EasyMiner has a graphical user interface and anyone can use it with any knowledge. Of course, the validity of this software does not reach the level of CGMiner and BFFMiner.

Join Digital Currency

EasyMiner, like other reputable mining software, allows connection to the extraction pool as well as direct extraction.

According to users, some Windows antivirus programs do not allow the installation of Easyminer, which raises doubts about the possibility of unauthorized use of the system for mining.

EasyMiner software is officially available for Windows only, but unofficial versions are also available for Linux.

You can download Easyminer software from Here download.

4- MultiMiner extraction software

MultiMiner software

Advantages: User-friendly graphical interface – Advanced settings

Disadvantages: Many errors – more difficult to install on operating systems other than Windows

Operating system: Windows, Linux and Mac

MultiMiner software is based on the BFGMiner software we introduced above, with the difference that MultiMiner has a graphical user interface and is referred to as the most user-friendly mining software.

After installing and running Multimineer, this software automatically detects the hardware on the system and displays the required information about them.

This software shows you extractable digital currencies based on each of the three main mining hardware, namely the graphics card, ASIC and FPGA. Multimineer also has many additional features, including the ability to choose a mining strategy, remote access, and a guide to mining terms.

In addition to ease of use for beginners, Multimineer also provides many possibilities for professionals, and advanced settings can be easily accessed.

You can download MultiMiner software from Here download.

5- BitMinter extraction software (BitMinter)

BitMinter software

Advantages: User-friendly graphical interface – Suitable for extraction with CPU and GPU

Disadvantages: Low Credits – Supports only one extraction pool

Operating system: Windows, Linux and Mac

BitcoinMine is a bitcoin mining pool that has its own software. So in BitMiner you are on the side of an extraction pool instead of a software. This pool is not as valid as large mining pools.

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To use this application you must first The official site of BitMiner Register and then start mining operations by downloading the software. BitMiner program is very suitable for extraction with CPU and GPU.

You can download BitMinter software from Here download.

6- GUIminer extraction software

Bitcoin mining software guiminer

GWM Miner software is one of the oldest bitcoin mining software, which was voluntarily developed in 2011 by a developer interested in bitcoin.

This software has a visual and user-friendly interface and can be used simply by entering the details of the extraction pool. GWM allows extraction with CPU and GPU but can not be used for ASIC devices.

software GUIminer You can from Here download.


The new miner devices themselves have programs that can be easily set up without any additional software and only using a regular computer and browser, but if for the reasons mentioned above, you want to use mining software, six software The software that was introduced has been working well for a long time and is authentic. However, it is possible that the performance of any of these softwares has been lost over time, so their performance is not guaranteed.

With most of the above software, mining can be done alone and without being connected to the extraction pool, but as we wrote above, for direct mining and competition in finding the answer to the bitcoin block, you need to be full bitcoin and 200 GB Download its blockchain. Also, the chances of small and medium miners to find the answer to the block are almost zero. For this reason, we recommend that you connect to an extraction pool for mining.

Also, if you want to extract bitcoins with ordinary computers or laptops, this is possible with the above software, but due to the expansion of the bitcoin network and the great power of miners, this method is no longer profitable.

Affordable bitcoin mining is only possible with ASIC devices, and mining with a laptop can only be fun. Improper extraction with weak computer systems may cause irreparable damage to system hardware.


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