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The Bank of England has started hiring specialists to develop the national digital currency

The Bank of England has announced that it will hire experts in seven digital currency jobs. These include senior executives and blockchain engineers.

to the the report The Bank of England, Coin Telegraph, is still looking to get at least seven jobs, although it is still unsure about the progress of its plans for the national digital currency.

The recruitment of specialists for these jobs was announced on the Bank of England website. National Digital Currency Stakeholder Analyst is one of these jobs.

Other job vacancies required by the Bank of England include project analyst, solution designer, technology analyst, senior manager and a senior business designer. It is worth noting that all of these situations are related to national digital currencies. A job position has also been announced for a senior national digital currency policy analyst.

In the section on the position of the stakeholder analyst, we read:

Like many other central banks, the Bank of England is actively considering the development and supply of national digital currency. No decision has yet been made on whether the UK needs a national digital currency, but it is important for the bank to understand this.

The announcement places particular emphasis on the Bank of England focusing on the study of national digital currencies.

Earlier, the Bank of England, in collaboration with the Royal Treasury, launched research projects on national digital currencies. The creation of a special working group on national digital currency was mentioned as one of the parts of this project.

It is worth noting that national digital currencies have become a hot topic among central banks around the world in recent months.


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