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The Auckland baseball team accepts bitcoins to sell tickets to all of their matches

The Oakland Athletics baseball team recently announced that the club’s fans can buy a special place ticket for one season by paying 1 bitcoin.

to the Report Crypto-briefing manager Dave Kaval has announced that the club intends to sell one-season tickets to the Auckland Athletics Stadium with bitcoins. This is a special place in the stadium where 6 people can watch the matches.

Given the current price, applicants will have to pay around $ 59,000 for a special seat ticket. Kaval said in an interview that so far more than 100 people have applied to buy special Bitcoin tickets.

The new season of American professional baseball kicks off on Thursday, and Kaval hopes to sell about 2 to 3 of Oakland 10 home stadiums by then.

Auckland City Special Place

Because payments are processed by BitPay, Kaval says other digital currencies may be added to the club’s payment methods in the future. He did not mention the possibility of selling single-player tickets in digital currencies.

Caval added that Auckland Athletics has no plans to convert digital currencies into common currencies. According to him, the team intends to keep the resulting bitcoins with the aim of increasing the price of bitcoins.

Other professional teams had previously adopted digital currencies as a method of payment. Among these teams is the Dallas Mavericks Basketball Club.

The club announced last month that it has made it possible for fans to pay with Dogecoin. The Dallas Mavericks have been accepting digital currencies as a payment method since 2019. The Miami Dolphins recently signed a deal with the Ripple Foundation to increase the possibility of paying with this digital currency. The Sacramento Kings basketball team has also been supporting digital currency payments since 2016.

The FTX exchange had previously bought the rights to the team’s stadium by signing a contract with the Miami Heat.


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