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The Alabama representative opposed the amendment to the infrastructure bill at the last minute; The digital currency bill will be put to a vote

A proposed amendment by the US Senate to the US Infrastructure Bill failed to win the votes of all members of Congress. Thus, the same main bill will enter the main voting stage in another few hours.

to the Report The amendment, drafted by Rob Portman, Cynthia Lumis, Patrick Tommy, Ron Weiden and Kirsten Cinema, failed to get the unanimous vote of the senators.

Only one representative opposed the vote, which made the final vote unanimous. Alabama Republican Sen. Richard Shelby was the only person to oppose the amendment.

Shelby called for $ 50 billion to be added to the US defense reform, which was opposed by Bernie Sanders. As we said before, this amendment would only reach a final vote if all members of the Senate voted unanimously in favor.

“The current bill is destroying the digital currency industry,” said Ted Cruz, a Republican senator from Texas.

There are no 5 senators in this group who have a real understanding of how digital currencies work.

It is said that with the end of the debates in the Senate on the US infrastructure bill, the pro-digital currency lobby will focus and resources on the approval of the bill in the House of Representatives.

However, the House of Representatives does not appear to be changing the text of the bill. In any case, it remains to be seen what the outcome of the final vote will be.


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