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Tavanir CEO: High consumption of extraction machines; Dangerous for coronary patients!

The CEO of Tavanir pointed out that the power consumption of each minor device is equal to 20 artificial respiration devices, and stated that this issue may be dangerous for Crohn’s patients.

Mohammad Hassan Motavalizadeh, CEO of Tavanir, said that the premature heat and water shortage of hydropower plants are the most important challenges of this year. Electricity and Energy will be notified to the Ministry of Energy.

He said: “In this program, the work is divided separately between the ministry and specialized parent companies, and the responsibilities of each of the regional distribution and electricity companies in this regard are announced.”

Tavanir CEO, referring to the plans for load management in the provinces, said:

In these programs, the ceiling of rewards for allocating to subscribers or other priorities of the province is set, which is announced to the governors.

He emphasized:

According to the communication policies, offices should be the first priority of consumption management programs, and we should start this action from ourselves, and the issue of cooling and lighting systems in offices should be seriously pursued.

Motavizadeh clarified:

This method should be implemented both in the offices of subsidiaries and in other departments such as the post office control room and the use of cooling systems should be strictly avoided.

He considered it necessary to correspond with sensitive centers and hospitals to ensure the readiness of diesel generators in these centers, and stressed the need for coordination in informing the public, referring to the design of information brochures to observe the pattern of electricity consumption to subscribers.

Tavanir CEO added:

Unfortunately, with the early arrival of the hot season and drought in our country, we have two issues at the same time; First, the unprecedented increase in electricity consumption in the country due to the entry of cooling devices into the circuit; So we have a 22% increase in electricity consumption compared to the same month last year.

He continued:

Also, unfortunately, due to the drought, the water of hydropower plants has drastically decreased, and we do not have the lack of use of hydroelectric capacities in the country as we should and may have.

Motavizadeh added:

Fortunately, with the good cooperation of the subscribers, we were able to get through the summers of last year and hope that we will have a good time this summer as well.

He stated:

Half of our electricity needs in summer and especially in the hot season of the year is through the country’s dams. Reach megawatts and make this distance possible with consumption management.

Tavanir CEO said:

Our request to the industries is to move their load and transfer the peak load to the night hours and to cooperate with us in the field of agricultural wells.

He continued:

Currently, a high-consumption subscriber consumes about 6 to 8 percent of electricity compared to low-consumption subscribers, considering that half of the electricity load in summer is due to cooling devices, reducing this load is easily applicable.

Motavizadeh added:

According to the law, the extraction of cryptocurrencies is done in two ways, the first with a license and the second without a license. Accordingly, the first group is lawful and cooperates with us during peak hours, but the second group is not determined to reduce the electricity load, and this aggravation will double us, and these people will be dealt with severely.

Tavanir CEO stated in the end:

Unfortunately, each device of unauthorized currency exchange consumes the equivalent of 20 devices of artificial respiration, and this can be dangerous for the country, especially for coronary patients.


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