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Survey results: Bitcoin will become the global economy by 2050

The Finder website recently published a poll in which half of the participants said that bitcoin would become the world’s major financial power by 2050.

to the the report Quinn Desk, the financial finder website, recently published a poll in which 54% of respondents said that bitcoin would become the world’s largest financial institution by 2050. Meanwhile, 44% believe that this will never happen.

The poll, released Thursday entitled “Bitcoin Price Forecast Report,” polled 42 research and education, finance and technology activists. Fifteen percent of respondents call this a hyperbitcoinization, and believe that this will happen in 2035.

The adoption of bitcoin in developing countries is seen as a major factor in this development. Thirty-three percent of those polled said bitcoin would become the currency of choice in developing countries within the next 10 years. 22% believe that admission in this dimension takes more than 10 years.

“El Salvador’s decision to accept bitcoin as its legal tender and its widespread use in Venezuela as a tool to combat inflation,” said Aleks Svetski, CEO of the Amber Trading Platform.

This stimulus will continue to be stronger. Interestingly, these affected countries will evolve faster than developed countries, as bitcoin weakens their governance model.

The survey predicts that the price of bitcoin will reach $ 318,417 by December 2025 (December 1404). This figure is 61% higher than the price predicted in a similar survey conducted at the end of 2020.


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