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Strange but real; Unique tokens with random numbers have a market volume of $ 40 million!

Recently, the market value of a set of non-unique tokens (NFTs) consisting of images containing random numbers alone reached $ 40 million.

to the Report The creators of this unparalleled token set, who are also anonymous, most likely did not even consider the use of these numbers, but traders buy and sell these tokens at incredible prices; The market value of this collection has reached $ 40 million.

What do you think would happen if you filled 8,888 black pages with numbers between 0 and 14 and the white English Serif font and told people how to use them as they wished?

It might sound ridiculous, but then you would have a set of NFT tokens with a market value of $ 10,256 Ethereums, equivalent to $ 40 million, called The N Project. Just three days after launch, it became the fifth most popular NFT project on the market, and now the average price per token is 1.15 Ethereum, or $ 4,537.

Strange but real;  Unique tokens with random numbers have a market volume of $ 40 million!
Image related to one of the tokens in this project collection

If you are a pessimist, you might say that the anonymous creator of this project is abusing the original version of Don Hofmann’s unparalleled token collection, Loot. Because loot collection tokens are sometimes priced at several hundred thousand dollars and have many sub-versions.

Loot collection tokens, like this project, are black pages filled with magical fantasy tools from ancient legends and have become very popular with traders. It is said that the developers of Loot are planning to release a new game based on tokens from the same series.

But if you are optimistic, you might say that the works of the creator of this project, which one of the messengers and the social network Discord described as a “great prodigy and genius”, are much more abstract than the Loot collection, and therefore because The developer of this series can place random numbers in any game, it has infinite potential than loot.

The developers of this project series have already designed NFTs inspired by the mental representations of psychedelics and robotic characters in limited numbers (only 6 copies), which also has a powerful 1,400-strong pro-social network on the Discord social network. It can be said that this project collection is closer to modern art, while the world of Loot originates from medieval legends.

Yet another optimist may think that all the success of this project is due to Hoffman’s constant ambition to constantly come up with new ideas as an entrepreneur. Hoffman’s previous projects, including Vine, Byte, and Peach, were successful only when the online communities turned his early ideas into valuable social networks.

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This project is another innovation and an example of the mother project, Lut. As mentioned earlier, the Loot Collection contains 8,000 random text lists, each of which randomly lists the names of a number of magical tools related to medieval myths.

This project is among other similar innovations in this series, including Loot Visions, Abstract Loot, and The Grand Exchange. It is worth mentioning that Loot Vision and Loot Abstract both create new works in the form of non-unique tokens by using the images related to the main loot tokens.

So far, the market for the original loot collection has been larger than similar models. Launched on August 27, the surprise collection has a price floor of $ 12.8 per token at $ 50,000 and a total trading volume of $ 226 million. However, there is no denying that the price of tokens in this project collection is also very high.


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