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Stellar is updating its protocol to fix previous issues

After a temporary outage of part of the Stellar network, updates were made to fix this problem. This shutdown caused some nodes, including those run by the Stellar Development Foundation, to go offline.

to the the report The Stellar Development Foundation, CoinDesk, has launched a new update to its network after identifying a problem that caused several nodes to shut down.

According to information published on the Stellar website on Tuesday, an outage on April 6 made Horizon nodes that do not validate and validation nodes, including those run by the Stellar Development Foundation, shortly available. Get out.

An update was announced on April 10 (April 21) after it was reported that certain entities were having difficulty retrieving network access. Update to Protocol 16 is said to have fixed this issue, which has affected several nodes, but has not affected network stability and there have been sufficient validations to process transactions.

One of the company’s most frequently asked questions explained that the Stellar Foundation’s accreditation nodes had stopped processing general offices, and Horizon had stopped registering them. In the Frequently Asked Questions section we read:

For a short period of time, the nodes were unable to service requests or send transactions to the network.

The Stellar Foundation told engineers to work on the problem, and then a patch was released. Two days later, version 16 of Stellar Core v16.0.0 was released, and the network’s credentials voted on it, which led to an update.

The Stellar Foundation says:

All affected nodes should be able to upgrade to protocol 16 compliant software and restore network access.


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