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Spokesman for the Parliamentary Economic Commission: People can invest in the national digital currency

Gholamreza Marhaba, spokesman for the parliament’s economic commission, said that a legal plan to regulate digital currencies was being drafted and that the national digital currency project would be reviewed with the participation of the central bank. “Hello, people can invest in the national digital currency safely and not worry about the risks in the digital currency market,” he said.

According to digital currency and to Quoted From Bazarnews, Gholamreza Marhaba, in a conversation about the latest situation of organizing the law on digital currencies and the national digital currency of Iran, said:

The plan to organize digital currencies is currently being considered by special committees in the commission assembly. In addition to the national cryptocurrencies, it should be noted that according to previous agreements, a joint commission was to be formed between the Economic Commission of the parliament and the Central Bank, but unfortunately, a few months after the idea of ​​forming this commission was raised, members It has not been specified and this issue will be a little time consuming, because it is a new issue in the structure of Iran’s economy.

Asked when the national digital currency will start operating, a spokesman for the Economic Commission said:

As soon as the national cryptocurrency becomes available and investable, MPs will definitely inform the public about this issue through the media as soon as possible. We must keep in mind that the national cryptocurrency is a new concept in economics and that all members of society can invest in it.

He emphasized in the end:

National cryptocurrencies will be a reliable means of investment and a serious barrier to the outflow of currency from the country. Some economists have compared the national cryptocurrency to the stock market because of its attractiveness. With the introduction of national cryptocurrencies in the global digital currency market, due to government oversight, the risks of hacking scams related to these cryptocurrencies will be eliminated and people will be able to invest comfortably in national cryptocurrencies.


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