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Specialized review of Antminer S17 extraction machine

Antminer mining machines are a product of BitMain, a Chinese giant that produces mining machines. These devices are some of the best ISICs on the market that can be used to extract coins such as bitcoin and bitcoin cache with the SHA-256 extraction algorithm. Antminer S17 is one of the newest generation of Ant Miners. In this article with the help an essay From the 99bitcoins website, we are reviewing Ant-Miner S17.

Bitcoin, one of the largest manufacturers of digital currency mining machines, unveiled the S17 series of machines in April 2019. These devices have been able to achieve a good position in the mining industry in a short period of time and have now become one of the most popular bitcoin mining and bitcoin caching devices. In this article, we will review the details and specifications of this device.

Introduction of Ant-Miner S17 extraction machine

Ant Miner S17 is the latest generation of miners from the Chinese company Bitmin in the market. At the time of writing, BitMin has just unveiled the end of the S19 minor but has not yet launched.

The S17 miner end uses the second generation BM1397 chips, which is a 7-nanometer chip, and was unveiled in the previous generation of miners, the S15. But in this miner, 3 chips of these chips have been used.

Ant-Miner S17 has much more hash power than S15. The power of the Ant15 Miner S15 is about 18 to 28 triggers, while the power of the S17 is between 50 and 56 triggers, depending on its operating mode.

Ant Miner S17
Ant Miner S17

This increase in hash rate, thanks to extensive research by the BitMine development team, has almost doubled the hash power of the device compared to the previous generation. The S15 Miner hash advantage did not have a significant advantage over its competitors, but the S17 made up for this shortcoming and drew attention to the new generation of BitMiner miners. In this model, as in the previous model, a power supply is connected to the device chassis so that there is no need to purchase a separate source.

Ant Miner S17 and S17 Pro

The standard version and Ant Pro Miner S17 are not much different from each other. The main difference between the two devices is the ability to change the power consumption mode of the device.

The Antminer S17 operates in two modes, “normal” and “low power”, and switches between these two modes according to the network status. The “S17 Pro” version of this device has another mode called “Turbo”. The existence of different modes of power consumption allows professional miners to be able to control the power consumption of the device in different environmental conditions.

This capability is one of the most important factors in a profitable mining, because the cost of electricity has always been one of the main challenges for digital currency miners.

Specifications of Antminer S17 device

As mentioned, this miner has the ability to provide hash power equivalent to 50 to 56 triggers, which depends on the version and category of the device. The power consumption of this device is about 39.5 to 45 joules per second. This means that it normally consumes about 2,094 to 2,568 watts per hour of electricity.

Of course, high ambient temperatures can increase the power consumption of the device. Heat is always the enemy of electrical efficiency, and the fans of this device, which are used for cooling, account for a significant percentage of electricity consumption.

The lower the temperature, the higher the extraction efficiency. Therefore, miners are strongly advised to provide the coolest possible conditions for their devices and to pay attention to the ventilation of the environment in which the device is placed.

The device weighs 9.5 kg and produces 82 decibels of sound, which is less annoying than other miners.

The humidity range in which this device can perform well is 5 to 95%, and the optimum temperature range is 5 to 45 degrees Celsius. To control the temperature of the device, 4 fans are installed on it.

Dimensions of Ant-Miner S17 are 29.8 x 29.6 x 17.8 cm

invest return rate

Whoever buys a miner device to extract bitcoins, the first and most important question that comes to mind is the profitability rate and return on investment of that device.

The Ant-Miner S17 and S17 Pro were so attractive to miners that the first series of these devices were fully pre-sold in 5 minutes. Such an attraction is not far-fetched in the early days of a miner, as miners tend to use and make a good profit before the use of a powerful device becomes widespread and the network hash rate increases.

After a while the initial excitement to buy the device subsides, its profitability and return on investment can be achieved by considering factors such as the cost of electricity.

In the example below you can see the profit rate of Antminer S17 with 53 power.

Profitability of Miner S17
Profitability of Miner S17

Note that for this calculation, the price of electricity is 480 tomans per kilowatt hour, which is equivalent to the legal price of electricity for extracting digital currencies in non-peak months. Also, the price of Bitcoin at the time of calculation is $ 8,773 (according to the daily price of the dollar, equivalent to 136 million tomans). The calculations for the normal mode of Antminer S17 were performed with a hash rate of 53 reductions per second.

In the discussion of calculating the profit of digital currency extraction, the current price of digital currency, the difficulty of extracting the network, the cost of electricity and many other factors can affect profitability.

Probably when you read this that the price of electricity, the price of bitcoin or the hash rate of the network has changed. In this case, you can get the profitability of this device by using digital currency extraction calculator.

At the time of writing, buying Antminer S17 is economically justified. But as mentioned, these conditions depend on important factors such as electricity prices, network rigidity and bitcoin price fluctuations.

Considering the price between 30 to 38 million Tomans of this device in the market (March 30), it can be said that this device can return its capital in less than a year if it has a good performance.

Performance and price of S17 miner types

The performance of different types of S17 devices varies depending on the device version and operating conditions. In the following tables, you can compare how different types of these devices work.

1- Ant-Miner S17 Pro, hash power: 53 speeds per second

Device mode Low power normal Turbo
Hash power (gain per second) 48. 36 53 62.53
Power consumption (watts) 1728. 1296 2094 2790. 2385
Power consumption (joules per discharge) 36 39.5 45

2. Ant-Miner S17 Pro, hash power: 50 speeds per second

Device mode Low power normal Turbo
Hash power (gain per second) 48. 36 50 62.50
Power consumption (watts) 1728. 1296 1975 2790. 2250
Power consumption (joules per discharge) 36 39.5 45

3-Ant Miner S17, hash power: 56 per second

Device mode Low power normal
Hash power (gain per second) 50. 35 56
Power consumption (watts) 2100. 1470 2520
Power consumption (joules per discharge) 42 45

4-Ant Miner S17, hash power: 53 per second

Device mode Low power normal
Hash power (gain per second) 50. 35 53
Power consumption (watts) 2100. 1470 2385
Power consumption (joules per discharge) 42 45

Admission in the mining community and competitors

As mentioned, in the pre-sale of these devices, both the S17 and S17 Pro sold quickly. As a way to further assist home and personal miners versus large-scale, industrial miners, BitMin initially sold only 10 units per order.

Many large companies have entered the lucrative field of bitcoin mining by purchasing this device. Fundamental Labs, an Asian investment firm, is one of them. Fundamental Labs immediately invested more than $ 44 million in the S17 immediately after its introduction.

Many other companies and farms use this device extensively, and one of the hot topics in the mining industry today is the S17 anti-miner.

Although Bitcoin is the largest manufacturer of mining machines in the world, it also has competitors in this field. The most important competitors of Bitcoin are InnoSilicon and MicroBT.

Inosilicon miners are now slower and less efficient. But microbiota is a more serious competitor to Bitcoin. The Shenzhen-based Chinese company has launched the latest model of its miners, the Watzminer M20S, which has a hash output of 70 torque per second, an electrical output of 47 joules per torque and a power output of 3,360 watts per hour. Priced at $ 2,320, this device is a serious competitor to the Ant-Miner S17.


Launched by the Chinese company Bitcoin, the S17 Ant-Miner Mining Machine is one of the top miners in the digital currency market, and a good choice for professional bitcoin miners.

With a hash power of 50 to 56 degrees, this device is a very attractive option among other ISIC devices, but it also consumes more power.

The S17 is generally a device that can have a very good return on investment, but it largely depends on the price of electricity consumed, the bitcoin network hash rate and the price of this currency.


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