Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands

Country in Oceania

  • population:

    611,343 people

  • Area:

    28,399 square kilometers

  • Internet penetration:

  • National currency:

    Solomon Islands dollar

  • Type of government:

    Royal Constitution

  • President:

    Prime Minister Rick Nelson Houenipwela

  • Capital:


  • Tongue:


  • Economic Growth:

  • Digital Currency Legislation:

    Not legislated

  • Digital Currency Tax:


  • Digital currency payment:


  • National digital currency:


  • ICO:

    Not legislated

  • Anti-Money Laundering Rules for Crypto:


The Solomon Islands were first discovered by a Spanish sailor named Alvaro di Mendana di Nira in 1568. One day he was visiting the island when he found some gold at the mouth of the Matanico River and, believing that he had found the treasures of Solomon, called the islands “Solomon”.

Solomon Islands is a country with more than 990 islands in the South Pacific. Its capital is Honiara. The country is located in the Pacific Ocean and its economy is based mainly on timber exports and witnessed clashes between Allied forces during World War II.

Insufficient information is available on the state of the country’s legislation in the field of digital currencies. All we know is that there are no ICOs or exchanges operating in this country, and its position on Bitcoin has been controversial from the beginning.

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