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Solana network disruption; Developers are looking to restart the network

After the Solana network was disrupted and the network became unavailable, its developers decided to restart the network.

to the Report CoinDesk, the problem started yesterday after a drastic reduction in network resources. The disruption cut creditors’ access to the Blockchain for hours. This outage is still ongoing and has not yet been fully resolved.

Sources close to Solana have stated that the problem is with the first layer of the network, but its effects have affected all projects working on Solana’s platform.

Solana’s Twitter account wrote in the network status update:

The validation community has voted to restart the network. We are currently preparing a new version that will fix the Blockchainchain problem.

Instructions for restarting the Blockchain have also been sent to the credentials on the Solana Discord channel.

The growing interest of large-scale investors in Solana, which has been created by the network’s significant growth, has been cited as the main reason for resource consumption. Solana founder Anatoly Yakovenko said on Twitter that the problem was caused by robot transactions related to the Grape Protocol supply. According to Messari, this is the second time in the last two weeks that the Solana network has faced such an instability.

Solana’s official Twitter account tweeted that the huge flood of transactions outweighed network restrictions. According to Solana, the above activities caused the network to fork and several nodes to become unavailable, and the developers are still solving the problem.

It is worth noting that such problems are not unprecedented in Blockchain networks, and on the other hand, the Solana network is in beta. According to informed sources, last December (December 2010), the network also struggled with such problems. Last week’s problem was also related to the replenishment of network resources.

Sources close to one of Solana’s popular Defy projects, which has been affected by the problem, said in a statement:

It is good for others to know that Solana is still in beta. I believe in the original developers and creditors of Solana to fix this problem quickly.

Hours after the problem occurred, Solana’s developers sought to solve the problem in a patch. As soon as 66% of the validators (majority of the network) implement this patch, the activity in Solana will resume.

Activities in block number 96,538,485 have stopped and nothing can be done until the problem is solved. About $ 11 billion is currently invested in the Solana platform.

However, some sources, referring to the sensitive activities on the Solana network, said that some projects are dealing with liquidation and IDO, and it is not clear how the recent problems will affect them.


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