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Solana explained in a statement the reason for the recent network outage

The Solana Foundation says bots that spammed the Grape Protocol (IDO) initial public offering (IDO) with 400,000 transactions per second on the Raydium platform brought the network to its knees.

to the Report Coin Telegraph attributed last week’s 17-hour siege to a denial-of-service attack on September 14 (September 23) that targeted the initial public offering of the Grip Protocol Diff on a decentralized exchange.

The Solana Foundation wrote in a post on its website on September 21 that last Tuesday, at 12 o’clock global time, the robots saturated the network with a flood of self-transactions by launching an initial launch by Grape on a decentralized Ridium exchange in Solana. کردن.

The robots’ activity covered the entire network at 400,000 transactions per second. Solana pointed out that the unlimited growth of transmitter queues and blocks with heavy resources led to the creation of a number of forks automatically in the network.

The attack disrupted the validity of Solana network validators after memory crashes. As a result, the network was unavailable for about 17 hours on September 14 and 15 (September 23 and 24).

The network recovery was carried out in collaboration with Solana engineers and more than 1,000 creditors, and after receiving the support of 80% of the network’s active shareholders, a hard fork was performed.

The Solana Foundation wrote in this regard:

The move was not only a concerted effort by the community to build a patch, but also to gain the network 80% support to reach a consensus.

The foundation estimates that the network will return to normal operation within 18 hours of Solana being patched offline and updated.

The post added that the community is preparing a detailed report on the analysis of the root and technical cause of the event, which will be published in the coming weeks.

Solana’s price has been down 39 percent since it hit a record high of $ 213 on September 9 (September 18). Solana is currently trading at $ 129.

The correction comes after a dramatic rapid rise a few months ago in which the Solana price, which traded at $ 32 on July 31, jumped 565 percent.


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