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Serious criticism of Cardano after a bug in the experimental network

A technical glitch in Cardano’s experimental network has prompted some activists to criticize the blockchain structure of the digital currency. However, Cardano’s developers believe that others have misunderstood this.

to the Report Crypto Potito, the third digital currency on the market, faced a wave of criticism after it was revealed that Cardano had a concurrency problem in its experimental network.

Synchronization problem refers to a problem in the simultaneous sharing of resources between users or applications running on a network.

Cardano’s development team announced in early September that support for smart contracts would be available on the Alonzo test network. Following the implementation of the possibility of supporting smart contracts, the main network will be updated on September 12 (September 21).

On September 4 (September 13), an Ethereum fan named Anthony Sassano tweeted a picture of a decentralized Minswap exchange operating on the Cardano network. Simultaneous encountered. Min Swap is the first decentralized program launched on September 4 (September 13) on the Cardano network.

The synchronization problem usually occurs in such a way that other users can no longer communicate with a program or protocol at the same time. In the case of Cardano, this problem is probably due to the lack of a “Cardano virtual machine”, something like the Ethereum virtual machine. A virtual machine is a space that allows smart contracts to be executed simultaneously without damaging the network.

According to one of the images published by Sasano, a user encountered a transaction error while exchanging his tokens at the Min Swap exchange. Some members of the Cardano community are also concerned that the network’s inability to process more than one transaction per block could turn MinSwap into an inefficient exchange.

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Reacting to this, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, said that the criticism of the synchronization problem had given a false picture of the network.

The problem with our industry is that they basically say if you don’t support my product or I can’t find a way [موفقیت] Find my product, what you made is definitely useless, it will be useless forever and it will be just a toy. Then they use useless criteria that you can not even understand what they are saying.

The founder of Cardano says it is difficult to set up a scalable decentralized distributed system.

IOHK, a research and development company that develops the Cardano network, has published a tweet in which it examines seemingly misinformation about Cardano’s general office. SundaeSwap Labs, a decentralized exchange operating in the Cardano network, also published an article on the Medium website, pointing out some misconceptions about Cardano.

In this article, it was said that it was possible to process hundreds of transactions in each block. Sandy Swap says networking has been one way to solve this problem. The decentralized exchange also said that the occurrence of this problem in the experimental network would not mean the end of Cardano’s work.

Sandy Swap wrote:

Therefore, those who claim that this is the end of Cardano should be told [چنین چیزی] It seems unlikely. To point to a hard test in one of the first days of an ecosystem and to see it as a sign of Cardano’s downfall is, at best, naivety early, and at worst, dishonesty and intellectualism.


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